thread: Any Tips.... I am really desperate...

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    May 2004
    Adelaide, South Australia

    Tracey, I was quite lucky and didn't suffer from full on morning sickness. But when I had my quesy days I found ginger beer and lemonade icy poles helped me. My nausea came on in the evening so I could just go to bed to try and get away from it. I hope things ease up for you soon... :flower:

    Another thing I remember (this is from my drinking days... those hangovers!!) I used to put toast in the toaster and then when it was cooked I would let it go cold and have butter and vegemite. For some reason the hot toast didn't work but cold always did....

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    Feb 2004

    I had terrible m/s, was nauseous all day every day, never threw up but come close many times. I had it from conception I reckon to about 14 weeks.

    I found that what worked some days didn't others. I had the Preggie Pops which were great until about 8 weeks then I couldn't stand them. I loved ginger ale and ginger beer. Water was also good for getting that icky feeling away in the back of my throat.

    Pure vanilla ice cream was heaven at night time, especially with some chocolate topping (the one Cadbury's makes as it's like liquid chocolate).

    The Blackmore's Morning Sickness tablets worked for me too and I can't recommend them highly enough.

    Unfortunately, it is something that you have to ride out... I feel for you as I know how yucky and frustrating it is!