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Thread: Anyone else pregnant with no symptoms?

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    Sym Guest

    Default Anyone else pregnant with no symptoms?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 5 weeks pregnant and have no symptoms whatsoever! I find this weird because when I was pregnant with both my boys my boobs were so sore that even my bra irritated them.

    I never got morning sickness with either of them but I was tired and visiting the bathroom alot! But with this pregnancy, nothing so far.

    Anyone else been/is pregnant with no symptoms?

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    hi Sym

    I have had mild nausea - but the thing that worries me is that with DD my boobs really increased in size and were sore right from the very start - say 5 weeks - this time - not at all - not sure if 10 months of breastfeeding has anything to do with it?????
    Laurin x

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    yep, I too have had some anxious moments from comparing this PG to my last one...this one is totally different, no major symptoms just a niggle here and there, last scan showed everything on track and developing accordingly so have relaxed now and am just enjoying being symptom free, good luck hon

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    I had no symptoms my whole pg! lol No morning sickness, no weird cravings, no sore boobs...a patch of mildly sore nipples for little while and the only weight I put on was 3 kgs before I knew I wsa
    I didnt put on any weight until the last month either

    If I wasnt getting a belly I would have sworn I wasnt pg!

    I say enjoy it while it lasts! GL

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    5 weeks is pretty early...give it time darl and dont stress. there will be nothing wrong! and congrats!!!

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    I agree with Hollye9188, 5 weeks is very early, so try not to stress.

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    Don't speak too early, it could all hit your with a vengance any minute now.

    I had sore BBs only up until 5 weeks then they disappeared. I thought I was in for another loss, but it was not the case. I've just not had the traditional symptoms of m/s or sore BBs. I had the blocked nose thing & bleeding gums from 3 weeks (still have both) so perhaps you have some of the not so traditional symptoms that could put your mind at ease.

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    Sym Guest


    Thanks girls.

    It's funny cos when I was pregnant with my boys, I didn't know much about the whole pregnancy thing and what to expect so I just took things as they came. Now that I have been researching like mad I think it does my head in a bit because I have learnt so much.

    I will take your advice and just try to relax and enjoy my pregnancy and also think myself lucky that I'm not like my sister and have m/s from start to finish! Poor thing.

    Can't wait for my 12 week scan though, I just love seeing the little bubba in there.

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    In relation to this I had a cracker of a response to my DS's first scan!! I said "Oh, there's one in there!!" and the "scanner person (??)" said, "yes, only one........."

    That wasn't quite what I meant. What I meant was, there's ACTUALLY something in there. I was beginning to wonder.

    The same with this one - I never have suffered from morning sickness, even with Daniel. When my mum sees me lifting stuff she always screaches at me, "Stop forgetting you're pregnant!!" You'll know you're pg soon enough, when you're ankles explode and it takes you half an hour to get out of a Jason LazyBoy.

    (Apparently when you're pg you're arms stop working and you can't lift stuff anymore).

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    It is very normal not to be showing any pg signs yet as you are still quite early. I did not get any pg symptoms at all except being tired and that was towards the end of my first trimester.

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    Hi Sym -
    I've had no symptoms either, even now at 13 weeks !I was a bit like lestypuss, I needed the scan to show me there actually was something there!

    It can be a bit unsettling with no symptoms when others around you talk about morning sickness, but I'm sure everythign's fine! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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    smiles4u Guest


    My sis-in-law had absolutely no symptons for a very long time with her 1st bub

    She had a beautiful & healthy baby boy last month

    ... All the very best with your bubba-to-be

    As for me terrible morning sickness started at 6wks with my daughter who is now nearly 2

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    Sym Guest


    Thanks for your replies girls.

    I shouldn't have spoken so soon cos now I have been feeling sick for about 5 days!! Not happy, I have been eating biscuits and sipping on lemonade before I can handle a full meal.

    See, I should have just kept my big mouth shut!!

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