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    That's ok Tanya.

    There was a midwife I found online who specialised in water births, but she was rather expensive. I can't remember how much each visit was, but she had a package deal for $5000. But that didn't include pool hire.

    Try looking online, using an Australian search engine.

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    Thanx Susan.


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    Only if it doesn't make your skin go red Tegan.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Tanya, I'm actually planning on having a homebirth. My midwife is giving me the services for around $2,000. Let me tell you it pays to look around.
    This is my forth baby though, not sure if this is your first or not. I think that they may charge abit more if you are a first time mum as you need abit more um- preparation I guess.
    Let me know if you are still interested in having a homebirth or even if you want more info and I can point you in the right direction.

    Take care

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    Thanx Trish,
    I found a lady in Echuca that does homebirths, she is the closest to me, even then she's 1 and a quarter hours away! She charges $60 an hour, plus travel time. She said a lot of girls travel to her to save $. I think it's a bit too far away! This will be my 3rd bub too, so I don't need any extra 'preperation'....lol.
    I am still thinking about it tho, we are thinking of moving house, I think if we do I will do it, but atm, it seems a little out of reach. Oh well.