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    Default boy or girl

    hey everyone

    just wondering i hurd that if you have morning sickness where your throwing up that means your havein a girl and if ya just have nersua your havein a boy im only wondering coz my first born was a girl and i throw up til i was 5 months and this is my second pregnancy and iv only got nersua i dont know if i should belive it or not just wanted to know what anyone else though thanks girls

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    I didn't throw up once the first pregnancyand I had a girl!! My sister has been throwing up both pregnancys, one boy, one girl!! Hope you don't feel too sick!! xoxo

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I had all day nausea with no vomiting at all and had a girl.My sister had vomiting with both pregnancy's and had girls.

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    Lee-Ann Guest


    With DD1 & DD2 I vomited and was terribly lethargic for 4 months. But with this bub I got a tiny bit of nausea and that was it, I felt fantastic and this little one is a girl too.

    My girlfriend had a boy and she vomited all the way through her pregnancy.

    I think it just depends on how your body deals with the fluctuation of hormones in your system rather than it being whether bubs is a boy or a girl.

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    Wilson Guest


    I had vomitting and we are expecting a baby boy...

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    In my family, morning sickness is common. That said, with 'boy' pregnancies it tends to be m/s up until 3 months, usually in the morning. 'Girl' pregnancies go longer than 3 months (generally til 4.5months) and feel ill throughout the day. My mum, sister & I have all followed this to the tee funnily enough! *L*

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    I never had m/s and i have a girl and a boy.

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