thread: Brownish Spotting @ 11 weeks

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    May 2007

    Question Brownish Spotting @ 11 weeks

    Hi Ladies
    I am 11 1/2 weeks pg, and have had some mild cramping and some brownish discharge.
    I had a bright spot of blood on Saturday, and went straight to the hospital (i have had 2 previous mc). They took my blood,and then booked me in for an ultrasound today.
    I had a little baby in there with a heart beating 161bpm. The ob said that everything was fine, and no need for concern.
    I have been taking it easy today, and have sighted small amounts of the same, but still wondering if this is normal.
    I looked up other sites, and many women report this as common. Just wondering if there are any others who are experiencing the same, and for how long this continued, and how are you now?

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    Jul 2006

    Usually brownish spotting is old blood and therefore ok. I had this with pg1 at about 6 weeks and it turned out it was a blood clot that was breaking up. But if you are worried it is always best to get checked. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

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    hey Amanda

    sometimes as the embryo is burrowing further into the uterine lining this can cause a little spotting (sometimes known as late implantation bleeding)

    and as MantaRay said, brown blood is old blood and not really a cause for concern...and would more than likely be residual blood from the initial fresh spotting

    I did not experience any spotting with either of my pregnancies...but have cared for many that did, with no adverse effects on mother/baby/pregnancy

    hope this helps

    xx yogababy

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    I had spotting at 13 weeks with DS, it was quite red but everything was fine.

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    I had spotting with DD before i knew i was preg, it was once a week for 3 weeks and just enough when i wipe.
    I am glad everything is ok, just relax and try and take it easy.

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    Thank you all for your feedback.
    Seems like all is pretty normal then, and some women do experience this random spotting.
    Seeing bub on Monday was pretty cool, and have Neuchal scan on Thursday, so will get another glimpse then.

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    Hi Amanda, I had some light spotting, brownish colour around weeks 7-8 and again at around 11 weeks. Everything seems to be ok now, haven't had any since.

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