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Thread: Cervical Position

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    Question Cervical Position

    Just wondering if anyone knows.....

    I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that my cervix is very low, but extremly soft. So soft that if I accidently bump it, I bleed (tiny bit of fresh blood that does not last long). Does anyone know if this is normal?

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    No idea.. I've heard that your cervical position should be high to medium and soft... I don't think it's anything to worry about

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    Im not sure if your worried i would see your specialist.
    Sorry im not much help!! Hope everything is OK.

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    From what I've heard this is totally normal. Especially in early stages of pg there's a lot of increased circulation etc and the cervix can be very fragile. I had a little spotting related to trauma too. My OB assured me this is fine.

    As far as position goes my cervix has been up and down, firm and soft. I've had several internal U/S and no-one has said anything about it. In fact I had an U/S a couple of days ago and the Dr measured my cervix. He said it was closed and a good thickness for supporting the pg.

    My OB hasn't asked me about my cervix nor checked it so I think probably best to not prod around at yourself too much and try to relax. Everyone's different and if there's a problem your health care provider will let you know.

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