thread: cold sore remedies?

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    Sandy036 Guest

    cold sore remedies?

    Has anyone got any ideas or remedies on what can be used for cold sores? I heard that Menthol shouldn't be used in pregnancies.... Most cold sore creams have menthol They are just annoying little things when you get them. Thanks

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    I used zovirax when pregnant - I use it even when not pregnant but I had heard you shouldnt use when pregnant but my ob said it was fine. It is a wonder cream. You can gt it from chemists and some supermarkets. Coldsores are the worst arent they.

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    mumstar Guest

    Hi, there is a herbal tablet from blackmores or cant remember the other brand. It is called lyso something - basically you have a defiencing in this if you get a cold sore. Check with the pharmist. Otherwise rubbing salt into it will help to dry it ouy.

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    Whenever I get coldsores I eat lots of yoghurt and beans. It seems to lessen the severity of it for me.
    Maybe ask your chemist about Zovirax too, I know it use to be on presciption only, but is over the counter now, so it might be suitable for you to use? I got a what I thought was a coldsore after DD was born, my mum went to the chemist and he gave her something for me to use while breastfeeding, but I can't remember what it was??

    Hope it goes away soon, nasty things they are


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    L Lysine is an amino acid supplement used to help inhibit the herpes virus, but it is classed as catergory C, and not recommended during pregnancy, but this is because they don't know the effects of it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Eating yogurt is supposed to help because the active culture helps fight the virus, and treat and prevent cold sores.

    I've always used eucalyptus oil on a cold sore when I first notice it coming up, and it doesn't spread or turn into a big blister. But I don't know if you can do that while pregnant? I'll have to have a look... I might have to find a new cold sore treatment.

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    I just put ice on them, that helps. Yep plenty of legumes are good, and stay away from Chocolates.

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    This is for when not pregnant but thought I would share anyway.
    (this might sound silly but..) metho works a treat. You put a little on a cotton ear bud and dab it on the area. It dries it out and stops it from developing any further. It also kills the good skin cells though so only use if really needed.

    I have had them since I was 3, but hadn't had one for I think 1 year now, but today one shows up. Stupid thing.

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    I had never heard that you can't use cold sore creams - oops!! I use Zovirax or the chemist equivalent. My friend used to use aftershave!! Bit like metho I guess- I think it burnt it though!

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    Off with the fairies.

    I've just had a couple myself. I haven't had one in ages, until this week.
    I didn't use anything, I wasn't sure about Metho. Lucky I didn't :P

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    Sandy036 Guest

    Thanks everyone for the help.... I will definately try the yoghurt. I am not too sure about Zovirax though as I was warned against it. Thanks for everyones responses, and for those that are now suffering with the cold sores I hope they fade quickly .... Ugly little annoying things they are! hehe.

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    I am a big suffer of cold sores, the disgusting annoying things they are. I was warned off big time against both zorivax (and all cold sore creams) and lyosine tablets when I was pregnant. I use ice and a product called carmex. It can be found in the same section as your lip balms and it is in a little yellow tub similiar to blistex. It is also great for cracked lips too. Best of luck getting them all cleared up. Oh and thanks for the yoghurt tip. Next cold sore I'm going to scoff down yoghurt too.

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    zovirax is no good whle pregnant. It is anti viral and thats bad for bubs.

    There is a brand called NYAl which have a cold sore cream that is all natural and perfectly safe. Menthol is perfectly safe while pregnant and breastfeeding.

    You could also put lemon essence on there. It stings but it does the same as metho and dries it up

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    Ahhhh I will be trying the menthol thing when one of those things rears its ugly head this way!! But im lucky as i only get them when stressed as my immune system tumbles and *pop* there is a coldsore!

    I will be wolfing down yoghurt too!! Yay!

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    When I was in Africa you could get over the counter drugs that knocked them straight on the head. It was the same active ingredient that is in zovirax except in oral form. Anyway I researched if you could get them here, and you can. Only thing is that you need to have genital herpes, and they are about $200 a dose!!!! Note to self: Next time I am in Africa, bring some home!!!

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