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Thread: A delicate question...

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    Danni, your funny just eat weetbix!! i wished that helped me, i even went over board eating that stuff!! lol it helps keep me regular now though

    metamucil helped me too, it got things moving. im glad things have worked out. i only got it once iykwim it took 5days, hardly any sleep and a lot of pain, but i got there in the end, have been really good ever since, thanks to weetbix!!

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    Bess Guest


    I was really struggling, especially when I switched from another vitamin to Elevit. I went and spoke to my chemist and she referred to a book by the Royal Hospital for women on what was safe to take during pregnancy and gave me an osmotic laxative (one without stimulant). This did the trick! She also suggested a stool softener - lovely I know!

    Maybe speak to the chemist. If you have no joy, I'll check out the label on my bottle. Not bad taste either, just tastes a bit like syrup.

    Sometimes a bit of warm water and lemon juice as soon as you wake up in the morning helps to kick start the system too (at least it does for me, as does half a grapefuit with brekkie).

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    i didn't have any constipation on elevit, thank goodness. constipation seems to be connected to pg, rather than supplements. pg=cp!!! ha ha!! my gp did say that constipation is an expected part of pg. there's no way i would stopp taking elevit even if it did give me cp as i'd be terrified of birth defects.

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