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    May 2004

    I can't wait for you to find out now! Make sure you keep us updated!


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    Leah Guest


    Yeah it's nice having an older brother(I have two), but it's probably just as nice having an older sister.

    Oh by the way they are really nice names you have picked out. We were exactly the same with our first bub we knew that if it was a boy it would be Aaron John and if it was a girl Alicia Maree. We got a gorgeous Aaron. If it is a bubby girl this time Alicia it will be. I just love the name.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    thanks Leah! I have two older sisters, I am 25, and they are 28 & 29 and we are all the best friends anyone could ever have. Would love to have a brother too though!

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    pandora315 Guest

    Its funny that you posted this thread because I was just thinking about the accuracy of scan today. I was digging through the medical history I brought from the U.S. for my pregnancy file from last time and I realised how off they were. I had the same problem as you- I never had periods. In fact I'd be lucky to get them twice a year so we had no idea how pregnant I was. They did an internal scan and told us our due date was Jan 28 (of 2003). Then when I had my N/T scan at 12 weeks they readjusted because the ultrasound showed the baby was almost 2 weeks younger so my due date became Feb 9 instead. As it turns out they ended up inducing me on Jan. 27th because the amniotic fluid was low and the baby had stopped growing. Carter was fine of course but if you ask me not everyone is the same and even though they say that a scan in the early weeks is almost 100 percent accurate obviously with me it wasn't. In pregnancy because its such a long wait for such a wonderful event we tend to want to know EVERYTHING! In the end though your baby is born and everything is wonderful.

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    Aug 2004

    well, doctor confirmed with blood test I am around 3 weeks, so not as far along as I was hoping, but none the less was great to hear confirmation out of the doctors mouth. Even though I knew I was PG, we needed to hear it from him

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    Leah Guest


    Never mind you aren't as far as you thought, the main thing is all is OK.
    It's always nice to hear it from the Dr as you say, just to make it offical.
    Good luck for a H&H pregnancy.
    Take care Leah. I am going to have a snooze while my little one is. The dreaded m/s found me yesterday, altough it was more like all day sickness. Oh well.

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    Aug 2004
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    At least you know how far along you are now, I love the names you`ve picked out, I`m like you I`m sure this little one is a boy especially since I use to have dreams months before we were TTC that I`d have a little boy first, I even saw him!!!!!!

    Leah, my first neice if she was a boy she was going to be Aaron or a girl Alisha, so Alisha she is, she`s now 17 years old.

    Take Care


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    Leah Guest

    Wow, Deeanne can't believe that your neice was going to be Aaron if she was a boy. That's bizarre. Maybe I will get Alicia this time.
    Not that I care what sex the bubby is, all I want is a healthy little bubby.

    How's the sleeping going Deeanne? I have been sleeping really well the last few days lets hope it continues.
    Take care Leah.