thread: Earliest you've felt baby move?

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    Dec 2007

    With my DD I felt kicks at 18 weeks and realised afterwards that I had been feeling flutters for about 2 weeks, but this time around I definitely felt movement at 14 weeks. It wasn't until about 2 weeks ago (16 w) that I felt kicks again tho

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    I have felt movement from 13/14 weeks (I also got the 'yeah right' looks, but now I feel better that it was defiantely movement) and am feeling the taps now. Just waiting for Shel to catch them lol! She is impatient and stops waiting after about 10 seconds LOL!

    This one well have felt movement before i was due for my periods.
    Bronni: I'd say you're probably further along than you think, because at not even 4 weeks, the bub doesn't have legs yet, its just a ball of cells, so theres nothing for it to be tapping with IYKWIM

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    I've always had a very active and talkative tummy so I dismissed all the early feelings as maybe being my stomach. It wasn't until 19 weeks I felt a definite 'doink' and was convinced it was our bubba.

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    Jan 2006

    I swear I felt somerhinf with Ollie at 7 weeks.

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    I felt the flutters at 12-13 weeks and definate pokes/kicks at 16-17 weeks

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    With my first DD15, can't remember, with DS3 around 16 weeks and DH could feel him around 22 weeks. With DD2 14 weeks was when I could say for sure but when I thought back I would say that I had felt the same movements for about 2 weeks just lighter and less consistent. With this one I think I have been feeling movements for about a week, which would be from 11.2 weeks not very consistent, but butterflies and bubbles, and glad to hear someone else say it a few goldfish comes to the surface then flips back down again type movements, which I was thinking it must be my tummy, but it is a one off thing!!!! It is surprising because it is such a strong movement, but I will say it has happened mainly before I need to go to the toliet, so maybe a full bladder is pushing this little one to the surface and there is no where else to go???? Guess I will know for sure in a few weeks.

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    I have been feeling little movements and fluttering since about 11 weeks. I felt it early too with all of my babies. Last night the movement was really noticeable and I even felt a bit of bumping in there.

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    I thought I was going nuts - I think I have been feeling something for the past week but have put it down to wind or something

    I first felt (what I think is bub moving) the other night when I was in bed. It kinda felt like water lapping the inside of my belly (you know like when your in a bath and make a small ripple and the water just kisses your skin) and every now and then I get a little bloppy type sensation on my right side.

    Don't know if its bub or just things shifting but hoping its bub


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