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Thread: Early scans

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    It is a fact Azima that ultrasound costs money. And as I said early ultrasound is not indicated for a straight forward pregnancy with no risk factors. However, sometimes women feel worried or concerned or maybe they just *feel* like things aren't right. These women shouldn't just be told they can't have access to a service. Once a woman has made an informed decision about early ultrasound - the pros and the cons and if then she feels that she *needs* early ultrasound for her then I don't believe she should be told she isn't allowed one.

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    Azima - most people actually end up paying for their early u/s. Not everyone gets free ones, I certainly havent. Im glad I got early ones for both pregnancies as if my OB hadnt insisted on one with my first I could have gone 12-14wks thinking I was pregnant when I wasnt. It was painful enough just having to go through 3 early scans just to be told there is no baby. Having an early u/s with this one brought me some relief that it was a healthy pregnancy. You cant put a price on that if youve been in that position before and know what its like to worry.

    I had one at 6wks with each pregnancy (#1 ended in m/c, #2 is this healthy bub). The first one I had one because there was suspicion that it wasnt going well and #2 because of the m/c, they wanted to make sure it was viable.

    Good luck, hope you made up your mind!
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