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    Hello there,

    I found out I am pregnant at the beginning of the's quite amazing, I was diagnosed with PCOS 4 months ago and was diagnosed with bad endo about 4 years ago (had 2 surgeries). On top of this I was actually on the BC pill to help with hormones as mine were the same as a menopausal woman and I'm only 26. I had a bad stomach upset due to metformin I was on and I think this was the cause of the pill not absorbing for a couple of days. This is my third pregnancy, I had my first two children very young and long before I developed endo.

    Not that I'm complaining I didn't think I"d have children again.

    I'm about 6 weeks I think, the blood test on Monday showed HCG of 51. My periods were not regular so it's hard to pinpoint the date.

    I'm very afraid right now, I'm experiencing quite a lot of pain. I have had it for about the last 4 weeks, it's definately not stretching pains, it's more deep down like bad period pain. And there is other pain that feels like ovulation pain.

    I"m terrified of the chances of an ectopic pregnancy due to the two surgeries I had, both which had apparently left me with adhesions that showed up on an ultrasound about a year ago. The first surgery was very in depth, I had endo all through the repo organs and my ovary was stuck to my bowel, and it was all around my ureatha. The second was a stuff up due to the public hospital system, they opened me right up for just an endometrioma. Both surgeries saved everything. I have felt in the last 6 months that the endo was definately coming back, a large increase in the pain around *that* time. The PCOS surprised me though.

    My question is has anyone had this experience, gotten pregnant after a couple of endo surgeries? And it was viable?

    Does one sided pain always mean ectopic pregnancy? Do you need an US to rule it out?

    Im trying hard not to be anxious, I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, but it will be a while until I can get in for a scan if he can order one.

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    They would have to do a u/s to rule out a ectopic pregnancy I'm not sure if the pain will only be in one side but it could just be your body getting used to you being pregnant.
    Maybe you are not as far along as you think you are. I would go back to your Dr and ask for another bloodtest to check your HCG levels to see if they are going up and also ask for a early u/s to find out what is going on if your levels are going up.

    ETA: if you are really worried about the pain then go to the hospital as they will do a u/s or at least get you booked in for one next week.

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    Melinda Guest


    I agree with Michelle - I'd ask for some repeat HCG tests to see what your levels are doing. You are looking for a rising trend (levels roughly double every 48 hours in early PG although it's different for everybody and therefore not an exact science!).

    If you are in a lot of pain, I'd also request a scan asap or go to the hospital and have one to set your mind at ease.

    Good luck - let us know how you go.

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    I had sharp pain on my right side at about 6 weeks, and was concerend about an ectopic pg as I had cysts removed from my right fallopian tube about 8 years ago. The GP I saw wasn't too concered as she said if it was ectopic, the pain would be very severe, and it wasn't that bad.

    I would definitely ask for an u/s to put your mind at ease.

    Goodluck, and I hope everything is ok for you.

    Jo xx

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    I had LOTS of cramps with my first. As bad as really bad period pain, and lots of stabbing cramps too.
    My dr told me that if it was ectopic I wouldn't be able to stand the pain - but of course thats relative and one GPs opinion.
    I have also heard that pain on one side could be strong implantation pains?

    Anyway - I have a very healthy little girl, and just a moderately uncomfy pregnancy with her, so it might all be fine.
    Of course you should check with your dr if you aren't feeling right.

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    I have had 2 ectopics.

    The pain is experienced on the side of the ectopic and both times i experienced bleeding that wouldnt stop. The first time the bleeding and pain started at about 6 to 7 wks. The pain wasnt too bad, was just niggling. I had a scan and they couldnt see anything anywhere, they werent really sure what was happening. I was due to go on holiday for 3 days so i went with strict instructions to get to a hospital anywhere if anything increased, i was fine going there and while i was there. On the way back the pain increased as did the bleeding so when i got home i went to the hospital and they put me in straight away for emergency surgery which showed an ectopic in my left tube. They cut open the tube and then sewed it back up. I recovered quickly and 6 wks later i was pregnant with my DS who is now 5. The second ectopic was in January this year in the same tube. I had no pain, just bleeding that went on for 5 wks, they monitored my hormone levels and they basically "stuck" at 76, 5 days later they were 74, had it been a normal miscarriage my levels should have been back at 0 by then, so they went in and it was another ectopic, this time they removed my tube.

    So you can experience pain and then sometimes not. Its probably your cysts on your ovaries but i would absolutely make sure you get an ultrasound as soon as you can. If your dr cant get you in straight away then go down to the ED.

    Good luck, i hope it all works out for you.

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    Thankyou so much everyone for your replies

    I'm also sorry to hear Kristi that this happened to you twice, but it's wonderful to hear you still had a son despite tubal surgery so soon before.

    Two years ago I had a cyst rupture and actually developed perionitis as my husband at the time refused to take me to the hospital until it was late at night, it ruptured about 2 am in the morning (he was busy). The pain I'm having now obviously is no where near like that pain. So I know the pain of something rupturing, there is no local ED here, the nearest is about an hour and a half away so I guess if things do go bad I'll go there.

    I'm feeling very positive though, due to the stress and violence of my previous marriage, my last pregnancy with my DD I developed an 'irritable uterus' after avoiding preterm labour at 22 weeks (I had to move house after I developed pnenomia which set it off). I'm thinking and hoping that this amount of pain is due to that I may just have an irritable uterus again. I am in a wonderful relationship now though, and it's been completely different to last pregnancy already, but the old anxiety levels and subconscious fear is still there, so I've been uptight without realizing it, very uptight.

    My doctors appointment is tomorrow morning, so I guess I'll know a little more then. My HCG levels were checked just in case I was pg as I was starting some new medication and it was mandatory to check it, lol, that's why I sure got a surprise.

    Thanks again so much, and I will post again tomorrow.

    Positive thoughts!

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    Dear Tara
    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    I had a lot of pain & cramping for about 3wks that my GP told me was my hormones affecting the ligaments etc. in the pelvis region. He said it was perfectly normal. It was agony at times where I would be crippled in half and unable to move.

    I hope your doctor appointment tomorrow gives you some good news and that you can get a scan sorted asap to check everything is okay.
    Good luck.

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    Thanks Jess for your reassurance, I certainly hope that's what it is. I remember having them with my first born, but they were different to this. I'm hoping it's worse because of the scarring from the surgeries, not because anything is wrong.

    I had a really bad night last night, dreamed someone was kicking me in the pelvic region, and woke up in a huge amount of pain. I was going to give myself 15 mins before I called an ambulance, but it settled down in about 10 mins. I thought for sure that that was it. I've had a few spots of blood today, and the normal ongoing pain.

    I saw the doctor at lunchtime who ordered an urgent scan, the soonest I can get it done is Wednesday. I also have to go in for a bloodtest that day, which will make it 9 days since the last one and should give a good indication of what the HCGs are like, waiting that long the doctor said will show a good rise if there is one.

    He has told me to be open minded about this because I am being so positive, I can't imagine anythign happening now despite the odds and I dont' *feel* like anything will happen. He told me to prepare myself for an ectopic, he had a feel around and said he was concerned because of where the sore spots are, and he thinks my kidney on that side is inflammed also.

    But I just don't feel like it's bad, this is meant to be, or I wouldn't have been able to get pregnant just like that with so much against me.

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