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    Hi Everyone

    I just had a quick question, for the last few weeks my ears have felt kind of blocked and i feel like they need to be popped all the time.
    I am not sure if this is anything to do with pregnancy but thought i would ask and see if anyone else has experienced the same thing?

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    i kinda have this but it is more that i have to clean them heaps more now not pop them.

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    I read somewhere on the internet that some women do get blocked ears during pregnancy so don't stress about it. It's kinda connected to the whole blocked nose thing (which I have), some women get the blocked nose, others get blocked ears, some get both, other lucky ones get none of it.

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    OMG yesterday my ears would not stop popping by them self i thought i might have an ear infection. Glad to hear that its ok. And i am the unlucky one who has blocked ears and nose


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    Funny, but i had this same thing happen on the weekend. I was in our shopping plaza and my ears were totally blocked, it was driving me nuts!!! It finally went away, but it the first time i noticed it. I guess it is normal!!

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