thread: Are eggs ok to eat?

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I think Jess that the caffeine's the concern there, but like Kazz said - everything in moderation!

    I'm trying to stick by the guidelines as much as possible - but as you guys well know sometimes you just *have* to have something & you don't care how good or bad it is

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    I must admit that in the beginning I was totally obsessive with what I ate and didn't eat. My obgyn in Sydney told me at 11 weeks not to worry too much about salmonella because it doesn't cross the placenta, while listeriosis does. So it will make you sick if you have salmonella but baby will not get harmed (I'm just quoting what my doc said). She said listeriosis is the biggest danger because it can actually kill the baby.

    So after that I relaxed a bit more.

    I have coke every now and then but very limited.

    I have eaten peanuts. Not a lot but they are in so many food things anyways (just look at the number of things that have a label saying "may contain traces of nuts"), I figured it's not going to be such a biggie.

    I have had mayonnaise but only the stuff from a tube, no home made stuff that actually contains raw eggs. So if you make some coleslaw yourself and use mayo made from pasteurzied eggs (as in the stuff you buy in the shops) then I don't see why there should be a problem.

    I think it's a personal decision what you chose to eat and what you don't eat. I have found that I stress a lot less about food than I did in the beginning and have become a lot more flexible and allowing myself a lot more food groups.

    I am personally really careful about cheese made from unpasteurized milk and undercooked meat but I know people who have said, chances are so slim, they will eat it anyways. My SIL in Japan eats sushi quite happily and her doctor never told her not to. It can be very confusing with so many different opinions out there.

    Try to read various sources on the food issue, there are so many varying opinions out there and then figure out what works for you. That's all I can recommend.


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    Orkids Guest

    Whoops - I never thought about KFC coleslaw - I sometimes get that and a chicken for tea if I'm really tired/late home from work. Oh well, whats done is done.

    I've eaten a few naughties after being pretty obsessive at the start of my pregnancy, but I'd never eat soft cheese, soft serve icecream, smoked salmon, etc. But things like salami, eggs which are not totally hard etc I do have occassionally.

    The biggest sacrafice though for a confirmed rare steak eater is murdering my steak and having it well done #-o .

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I have been trying to limit my sugar intake as my Mum has type 2 diabetes, I am overweight and I don't want to get gestational diabetes. I love a good cola drink too but I get the caffiene free diet coke. I know it's still not "nutritional" but at least I am not having caffiene or sugar and it tastes good. Perhaps a good idea for those of you who still need the 'coke' hit? (though i wish it would come in vending machines. It's a pain that you can only buy it in big bottles!).

    I wonder if McDonald's salads are ok? They come prepared but without the dressing - you apply that yourself. I love em! Guess I will have to ask the Dr.