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    Hi - I just found out that I'm pg. It was very much planned but because of a stressful month (and in all honesty, lack of attention) I did not take a folic acid supliment. I did not take one when we conceived our perfectly healthy ds either but that was purely lack of knowledge then. My question is, what kind of risk am I at for having a baby with NTD's? I am 34 yrs., healthy, active and in my normal weight range. I don't smoke/drink and have not been on the pill for well over a year. I try to eat healthy as much as possible (lots of fruit and I try to cook at home as much as possible) however, I'm not a "health extremist" by any means meaning there's always plenty of room for more exercise and better eating habits (McDonalds sometimes gets the best of me). Anyone out there have any thoughts to offer?

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    If you have been eating a normal diet with fruit/veges you should be fine but I would start taking now immediately - 400mcg a day -

    — All neural tube defects occur between the 17th and 30th days following conception.
    folate is found in brocoli/asparagus/leafygreen/bananas/oranges/strawberries/melons/peas/beans /nuts/spagetti/bread/cereal/ eggs etc and more so you should be covered.

    NTD are still quite rare (.5 per 1000 live births in AUS) and research has found folic acid can prevent some.

    Just because you weren't taking doesn't mean your baby will have NTD. Many women all over the world take nothing and they deliver normal babies not that this is a reason not to take.

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    I didn't even realise that you were supposed to take it before the pregnancy with DS number 1 and he is fine so don't panic but certainly start taking it now - better late than never - plus you find your eating habits might be going out the window so where your levels were fine previously they may start to diminish, especially if you suffer morning sickness. Good luck with everything

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    Dont worry my friend didnt find out she was pregnant until 12 weeks and started taking folate then. My OB says as long as your diet is good with folate in the diet you should be fine just start taking now. She also told me that after 15 weeks its best to take the Pregnancy multivitamins-Blackmores or Cenovis - Pregnancy and breastfeeding ones.


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