thread: freaking out!

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    Red face freaking out!

    Help me please!

    I can not sleep at night at all, last night i was crying on DH shoulder.
    Nothing to do with the actual pregnancy...
    all to do with the actualy labour.

    I am freaking out... i do not want to go through that pain again!

    With DD i had gas and pethedine (sp?) but it was too late by the time i wanted the epidural. It didn't bother me last time, i was very naive and didn't really think much about the labour - so no worries at all.
    this time i know what happens... a baby comes out of my vagina!!! LOL!

    Oh god... anyone else having these minor panic attacks?
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    calm down.. u are only 6 weeks.

    Mayb look into hynobirthing or something.. a more calmer and beautiful way of giving birth. While its still early days research, research!! mayb a water birth? though about hiring a doula.

    Ofcourse labour hurts, its excruciating. But remember billions of woman do it every year and im sure only about 50% end up being born in hospital with all the drugs.

    Doesnt help your hormones are abit in overdrive atm, just take a deep breath, u will be fine.

    enjoy your ppregnancy.

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    I know how you feel! I had a horrible, long first labour and I was very nervous about going back again. When I fell pg with DS2 I decided to learn more about how labour works and how I could work with my body to have a better experience. I found a thread on BB sooooo helpful and I give it heaps of credit for having a brilliant second labour.

    The thread is here: When you get the chance, have a read through it. It is a long thread, but if you read just the posts by the OP, blue daisy, you'll get lots of great information from it. I copied and pasted her posts and put them into a Word document and read it many times over!

    You have heaps of time to prepare yourself physically and emotionally. You'll be just fine

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    Thanks heaps trish!
    I will definately be reading through it.
    Got ages before the big day, but it'll probably go quicker than i hope!

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    Have you thought about calmbirth or hypnobirthing? I did calm birth for my second labour and found that it was a wonderful way to prepare for the arrival of your baby, it helped me stay calm and relaxed and I actually enjoyed my labour and had a wonderful birth experience, it also helped deal with issues or fears that I had about my previous labour and impending labour. Just something to think about

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    I'm having panic attacks everytime i think about the whole birth thing. I've been at a birth before, and it's not so much the pain that scares me, it's the whole situation. I dunno, everytime i think about it i start freaking out and hyperventilating.

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    Don't think of all the negative things, think positive and think of yourself having a nice birth. Thinking of all the bad things will just make you stress which is what you don't need. I know we all think of the bad things that can happen but we really need to focus on all the good things.

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    Hi there TellyTubby,

    Can I make a suggestion that you & DH,attend a Birthing Class,which will help you learn to enjoy your pg,& relax,they are usually run through the hospital in which you attend,they are well worth it. You could always talk about your pain releif options with your Doctor & Midwife early so they are aware that you would like to use some kind of pain relief....good luck hun,try not to stress so much it`s not good for you or bub,hun.

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    mummy of many -

    Thanks for the replies. Sweetpea - I think i might look into calmbirth or hypnobirthing. A friend of mine did hypnobirth and she had a completely natural birth, she said it was still painful, but nothing like her first. So they must do something!

    Sopierose - good luck hun! Maybe you should look into hypnobirthing too? lol

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    I would definitely sign up for some parenting and birthing classes. I have signed up to mine and can't wait!

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    yeah i did them with DD and they were good
    just when it came to showdown i forgot almost everything they talked about! haha
    but the midwife who delivered kaili was the midwife who did the class, so she just kept reminding me things

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    What scares me is if I'm going to get to the hospital in time!!

    I'm expecting this rocket to blast off in two hours this time - who knows, of course. But first DS was only a 4 hour birth/labour with no pre-labour of any kind and no waters breaking.

    Trying to think of what the heck I do if DH is at work and everyone falls off the planet...... you know what I mean though.

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    Evie, i would definately be making sure family or someone was around as your due date gets closer! that would worry me too! Especially with your DS..

    Good luck!