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Thread: Getting a belly

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    My belly popped noticably (to me anyway LOL) at 9 wks ... and that was the same wk that someone at work asked if I was pg.

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    Angela80 Guest


    That's a gorgeous little bump Danni! You must be so proud!

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    angelfish Guest


    I think you're lucky. With my first, was over 6 months pregnant before I had a bump, and apart from people not believing me, i felt cheated!

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    I got my bump around 10 weeks, like some people i was big to start with so it took a while for some to work out if i was PG or just getting fatter. LOL

    Now i feel huge, 9 weeks to go and DH keeps telling me 'gee your getting big now babe'. My sister thinks i dont look big enough for nearly 31 weeks (i guess that can be seen as a compliment)

    Good luck and enjoy your bump.

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    I'm at 11 weeks and my lower belly has started to firm up so that I can't poke hard into it any more in the last week or so but I've not had any change in the way my clothes fit. I'm a good weight for my height at about 60kgs and 167cms so I think in 2 weeks or so I'll be getting a few of those 'is she pregnant or just pigging out too much?' looks from people who don't know yet!

    Dad says mum didn't really show at all until 5 months with me (her 1st pregnancy) but I really, really, really want a belly before then!!!

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