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    Default I'm newly pregnant!

    Hi Everybody!

    I'm brand new here and want to introduce myself and get to know you all!

    I'm Ange and two weeks ago found out that I'm expecting. It's been eventful to say the least, so I'll keep it brief so as not to bore you (too much!).

    This is my first pregnancy and because the hcg was quite low (127) in my blood test, doctor ordered another for a week later (which was Monday this week just gone) and I came up with a hcg of about 1800.

    Doctor was a bit concerned that it wasn't quite a rapid increase in the hcg levels, so sent me in today for an ultrasound. He needed to eliminate the chance of ectopic (I know - it's a word that definitely got myself and my fiance worried).

    So after a night and morning (very early!!) of tears and worry, we went in and my ultrasound found everything healthy and in the right place. Everything is in the uterus and looking great.

    The size of the egg sack is consistent with a pregnancy of 5 weeks - and best of all, everything is in the right place!

    Another ultrasound in two weeks and doctor is happy - not to mention us!

    So that's a summary of where I'm at to date! I look forward to hearing from you guys soon and getting to know you!

    With lots of love,


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    Hi Ange welcome to BellyBelly!
    I'm sure you'll find it a fabbo place with lots of great people full of endless information, knowledge and lots of chit-chat!
    Good luck with your pregnancy I hope it's a happy and healthy one!

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    Hi and Welcome.. Congrats on your pregnancy

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