thread: How far into PG did U get M/S?

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    Chalalan Guest

    Hi Charlotte,

    Mine started at 5 weeks and is gradually getting worse! Today I was *lucky* enough to chuck for the first time...oh joy, pg is soo glamorous! When do we start glowing?? Thats what I want to know! Hope the MS is not too bad for you!

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    Oct 2007
    ★ nor here nor there ★

    Heya Charlotte

    I haven't had any so far, and have been enjoying every, minute of it, the most for me is just short bouts of a nauseaous feeling and that is it, usually when I push myself too hard, or like yesterday I reversed down a steep inline and through a spoon drain at the bottom, I felt a bit queezy and dizzy, it took me aout 5 mintues to settle and that was all!!

    Hope all is going well!! And that you don't get it too badly!!

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    I'm 14 weeks 5 days and I haven't had any.

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    Jan 2008

    LOL but this is the last thing a lot of pregnant women want to hear but i didnt get morning sickness til 16weeks with my first...........

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    Oct 2007
    Sydney .... well south-west anyway

    Mine hit for the first time Christmas Day last year (07) - merry christmas hey !!! but since then i have a few bad days in a row then good days ... my mum just went and bought sea bands for me to wear on the train as it makes it worse in the mornings .... thank goodness no one is ever in our loo at work when i get here lol

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    Jun 2006

    With my DD, i had MS from about 8 weeks until almost 30 weeks. I was unlucky!

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    Apr 2007
    Perth, Australia

    Ok, I have just had my first vomit. Hello M/S.

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    Feb 2007
    On the beautiful Gold Coast!

    Charlotte, I hope it doesn't hang around for you. Fingers crossed.

    I've had nausea from about 7 weeks, I haven't vomitted yet though. I am taking medication to ease the nausea so that is probably stopping the vomitting which is fantastic!

    With my baby #1 m/s started right on 6 weeks (ended up being hyperemisis) I had that until the day I lost my baby at 10 weeks.

    With DD I got the hyperemisis again (vomitting every 2 minutes... yes it is possible!) at 8 weeks & had it until the night I gave birth which was 41 weeks 1 day. I did get medication for it after being hospitalised twice at 9 weeks so that got the vomitting under control for the rest of the PG.

    Heres hoping our (all of us expecting) m/s this time round doesn't hang around!!! & to all the ladies who were lucky enough to avoid m/s all together... I'm so jealous!!! LOL