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Thread: I guess cheesecake is out...

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    what a great job you have Kelly!!! \/

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    It's so confusing.

    I have read that ricotta cheese is bad but cottage cheese is good. What's the difference!!???? Also, other sources say ricotta is good 8-[

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    Hey guys,

    I wouldn't be worried about food if you handle it and cook it yourself (that is if you cook and store it well). It is the take away food that you need to become aware of as you dont know how long it has been sitting there. Meat is a bit scary but veggies should be fine. For example, if you make a potato salad on saturday you can still eat it on monday as well depending on what is in it and how it has been stored. Even with salads. It is meat that should only be eaten the next day and thrown out after that (that is me anyway).
    It is VERY different if you purchase a potato salad from Coles etc. i would not even go near them as they have probably been in the packet for several weeks. YUCK.

    Not all ice creams have raw egg in them. be aware of the restaurants that serve ice cream on your plate. It will most likely be made there and contains raw egg (that is why it tastes sooo nice). So always ask. I made that mistake once but it is usally fine if the place is clean.

    I have a pregnant friend who eats everything except for seafood and soft cheeses, anything else she doesnt care. I guess it depends on the individual.

    Hope this helps

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    Nestle makes Peters Ice Cream

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