thread: Listeria & Pregnancy: Foods to Avoid Listeriosis

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    angelique Guest

    Hi guys,

    I think I am being extra paranoid but I thought I would ask and maybe someone can ease my fears.

    Last night my husband ordered dessert and with it came Ice cream. I ate a little (about 2 teaspoons and there was only a small scoop of ice cream on the plate) and then thought to myself, maybe it has been made in the restaurant and raw eggs were used to make it. I was right!! Do u think that would affect the baby in anyway (such a small amount). Also, I have previously eaten that ice cream before (without knowing about the raw eggs in it) and nothing happened.

    Am I just being too paranoid?

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    angelique Guest

    Hi Brookey,

    I agree about the bacteria having no time to multiply as it was a frozen ice cream served to u on a plate. U just worry that is all and it is hard to keep track of everything. I am sure millions of pregnant ladies have eaten something forbidden and have gotten away with it. I am thankfull the restaurant was clean and I know they have very high standards.

    Thank u very much for the reply. U have made me feel much better. At least I too can be careful from now on with Ice cream.


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    angelique Guest

    hi Brookey,

    I think I may stick that pamflet on my fridge too babe. Makes it much easier.

    Can I ask you, after your 13 week did you not feel as hungry some days than others. I still have morning sickness (well all day sickness) and today it has been bad cause I have been feeling bad all day long. Causing my appetite to not be as huge as normal.

    Did u go through this sometimes as well?

    Thanks so much for the reasurance babe.

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    Ali O Guest


    Everytime I walk past a Kebab shop I really crave a chicken kebab...I haven't indulged yet because I have been worried that it is not safe to eat.

    Anyone know if they are ok to eat?