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    Oct 2006
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    Low HCG


    I am 5wk 2 days pregnant. I went to GP on Tuesday and got a negative urine test even tough I had previously got positive ones.

    My HCG has come back at 63 wich she told me should be between 1 - 160. However she told me go back in 10/14 days for another blood test.

    If HCG doubles every 2 days why wouldn't she want me back before 10 days time? I feel like she thinks I will miscarry before then due to a low count. Otherwise she would get me back in a few days time to check on the progress.

    What do you think, has anyone had a similar count or experience?

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    May 2007

    Hey mumoflewis,

    I wrote you a post last night, but for some reason it never went up! So sorry no one's responded yet.

    We are both around the same due date. When i found out i was pregnant i thought i was a lot further along than i was (according to my dates i should be about 8 weeks now), when i went to my GP she didn't go for bloods to see my HCG level, she simply booked me in for an ultra sound. She knew i would have been just like you - very stressed if they wern't as high as i had hoped!

    I had the ultrasound, realised i was 3 weeks too many !!

    If i had have done the HCG level i would have absolutely freaked out, beacuase obviously they would have been the level of a 5 week baby, instead of an 8 week!

    So i guess what i'm getting at is don't think too much of it! Try not to stress! You're still in the right range of HCG from what you've said! Maybe you're just not as far along as you thought you were??

    I hope everything works out. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for both of our babies to be sticky ones

    best wishes

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    I'm in a similar boat at the moment. Had my BFP on 04/04, went to the doc for a blood test the next day, and got my result on 06/04 - very very low. I had a light bleed for 3 days and thought the worst, but my symptoms are worsening and my body is telling me all will be ok. I took another HPT the evening I got my crappy BT results and got a bolder BFP.

    I'm having another beta hcg next week to check doubling, my fingers are crossed so freaking tight they're bound to snap! Good luck to you, I'm sure everything will be fine.


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    That is quite low. At 4 weeks 3 days I was 466. I'd be asking for a repeat HCG BT in a couple more days. Best of luck.