thread: Making it feel real......

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    Jul 2004

    Making it feel real......

    Hi Ladies-

    Thought id post in here as i want to start believing im pregnant I have been getting a few symptoms, less than i thought, maybe its just due to the HCG building up. I have been getting AF cramps on/off. I have a cramp it lasts for 5-10 seconds then goes away. They a mild/strong (sort of), enough to make me think AF is on her way and run to the bathroom. I think i m just a little parnoid as i'm not sure how everything is, hope i can get soem answers at the docs today.

    Anyone else have lack of symptoms or cramping?

    TIA, Netti

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    Jun 2004

    Yeah for sure I have crampy type pains. I think I've had them every day since about day 29. Not bad though, but definately there. I haven't worried too much about them as the HCG is doing what it should and there is no AF. And it's too early for me to have an u/s, so I figure, why worry?

    I am going to be away overnight, but I am going to log on to my mum's computer to check out what happened with you at the doctors. I hope you get some answers, 'cause you can't keep going on like this not knowing.

    Best of luck


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    Aug 2004

    good luck today netti! I had a heap of cramping in the beginning as well, and if you have no sickenss it just means you are not producing a huge amount of hormones, which isnt anything to worry about i dont think

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    Will be thinking of you today Netti. As you know already I had the AF like cramps in the beginning as well, and in my 1st pregnancy only probably had half a dozen days of nausea if that.

    Love :hbeat:

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    May 2004

    Good Luck Netti!! You must be going absolutely BONKERS!!!
    If that doc says you aren't pg I am going to personally pay them a visit!!! LOL J/K


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    May 2004

    Good Luck today Netti.

    If you have no luck with your doctor today i would say find a new one that will help you.

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    Nov 2004

    Hi Netti,

    I am 5 weeks pg and have had cramping from conception. Nothing too serious and not as painful as pre AF.

    Stay relaxed and try not to worry. The two week wait was the longest two weeks of my life but unfortunately unavoidable. I even tested at 6dpo even though I knew it was too early.

    Good luck.


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    christinem Guest

    Hi Netti

    I too experience cramping pains like AF is comming and often when i feel that I have to go to the toilet as im convinced AF has shown up and then find out it wasnt it was just CM which seems to increase whilst pregnant.

    Dont worry its perfectly normal. Just imagine all the things that have to happen inside your body for little bubs to grow..there are a lot of adjustments that your body needs to make. And as for m/s dont worry too much if you dont get that either....some people say its related to increased levels of HCG but even if you dont get M/s it dosnt mean your HCG levels are not increasing either, it just means that your body may cope better with the changes than others. if you speak with a natropath they believe that m/s sickness is a reflection on how healthy your liver is therefore the less sick you get the healthier your liver you can see that everyone has different opinions on why we get some symptoms and others dont...The first couple of weeks is the scariest as we tend to over load our brains with the worst case scenarios and work ourselfs into a state...

    Dont do it as its not worth stessing over...i did the same thing and was almost unable to function properly as i worried over every tug and pull and pain here and there....

    Keep positive and enjoy the pregnant experience!!

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    Nov 2003

    Hey Netti,

    How did things go? Lots of luck to you! I've had some cramping as well, from fairly early on in the pg - quite disconcerting isn't it! But it's just your uterus starting to stretch and grow, so don't let it worry you too much. All the best!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Netti, how did it go???? Dying to find out!

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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi Netti

    I ahve hardly had any symptoms at all I know how you feel! I haven't had any morning sickness (bar 2 days of feeling a little off) but I have been fine!! I am concerned about the lack of symptoms also as you feel like you aren't pregnant!

    I love the info about the natropath - that sounds good....

    Do keep us posted if anything changes - would love your thoughts so keep in touch!


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    Jul 2004

    Hi Ladies-

    Thanx for all the replies Its confirmed i am preggers, about 8 weeks, but a scan would probably show im less than that. Though some of you may have read im having some probs with DP. He's flipped out abit at the idea of becoming a dad, and is unsure what he wants. We weren't meant to be trying but it happened anyway, but i just don't want to get rid of my baby. I just hope he changes his mind, i don't want to lose him and he comes first before anything. Im just so scared at the moment, i have been on/off crying all wkend with DP. I just hope all it all works out.

    My preg symptoms have been barely there which worries me. I have had cramps which is my main symptom and usually get cramps at some point everyday but they have eased since the wkend. Ive had twingy bb's, abit of nausea, a little emotional and i think thats it. Before i knew i was pregnant, i became really domesticated, like cooking cakes and bikkies, and cleaning more and stuff and i knew that was weird LOL. Just the lack of symptoms worry me but im sure all is fine, i got bloods done aswell so i should find out 2moro of the results, there the ones they usually do at 8 weeks, plus i got a quan HCG. Will let you know how it goes

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    May 2004

    Netti - Congratulations on your pregnancy. When do you have a scan booked for ??

    I'm sure your DP will come round just give him a little time maybe he is still in shock. Wait till he see's the baby at an u/s I'm sure that will make it real to him.
    I'm here for you any time you need to talk.

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Hi Netti!!! Firstly, HUGE congratulations to you!!!!!

    Don't worry about DP!! When I told my dh, I was in shock myself, and I swear to God as soon as the words 'you're going to be a dad' came out, his face just dropped and he went pale and speechless. I was like 'OMG OMG' and he was just silent all night. I think that was the longest night of my life!!! Anyway, the next day he got all hideously excited and couldn't sit still. I think these men just need a tiny bit of time to adjust to fact their going to be a dad!

    WOW. Netti I am sooo excited for you!!! We must be roughly the same time along, as i'm about a week behind 8 weeks! doh! #-o

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    Aug 2004

    Netti, I completely agree with everything Ellen Said. I am sure DP will come around, and if he doesn't well you will get through it, and i am sure you have plenty of family and friends as well as us gals to lean on

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Ellen ,
    I am a true believer in things happening for a reason...!

    Netti, you will be fine & remember it is ultimately your choice!!!!

    Big :hugs: to you & I hope you can talk it through & sort it all out!!!

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    Jul 2004

    Thank you so much ladies, you are all so wonderful Im still not sure how DP feels, but i don't think i can go through terminating this pregnancy. Im so scared as i don't want to lose him but i don't want the possibilty of hating him if i terminated. But im also afraid that if i say i want to keep it i will lose him. I definately have to sit down and tell him how i feel, as hard as it is going to be, but i love him and i love that little baby thats growing inside me.

    I got my blood results today from last thursday, HCG- 280, which means im still early in this pregnancy, probably due in mid-july. And all the rest came back normal, blood type is O negative, so i have to have one of them shots when im in labour. So im glad all that is good, he said if i decided in continuing the pregnancy to see him again at 12 weeks, which will be just before christmas. I haven't booked a scan as i would have my first in 11 weeks even though i think im less than 8 weeks, if DP decides to calm down i might get one done. Thank you so much for your support, it is very appreciated, will keep you updated