thread: Maternity Clothes

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    Jun 2005

    I bought 2 things from Pumpkin Patch but not at their actual store at Chermside but online. They were on sale and I saved heaps!

    I also had a dressmaker, a friend of my mother in law, make me 3 maternity dresses.

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    Feb 2004

    I got my swimmers at Pumpkin Patch, but check out this thread for a site that sells swimwear & also supports BB

    Other than that I got my maternity clothes at Big W, Target, K-Mart & non maternity but bigger sized things from Ally & Supre.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    I brought my maternity clothes from Target, K Mart and a couple from Pumpkin Patch Online sale

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    Mar 2005
    Bunbury, WA

    I found a tutorial on changing normal jeans (maybe some oldies or something) into maternity jeans.. When I have a moment ill paraphrase it, or something (im at uni now) It did involve using a sewing machine though Post it later.

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    katanya Guest

    I bought a tankini while pregnant that was perefct for growing belly and afterwards as well..my maternity clothes came from Big W and kmart, and a few op shop finds...didn't want to spent alot..but had to get some stuff for work..I want a huge belly so bigger sizes would have done..the bely part was too big mostly!

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    Feb 2005

    Supre is fantastic for long tops. So far I have brought mat. clothes from Pumpkin Patch, Big W & K-mart as well as larger sized regular clothes.

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    Feb 2004

    Me too me too!!!

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    Dec 2004

    LOL Sarah......no probs

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    Feb 2004

    I have found that maternity stuff fits a lot nicer than just buying things in a bigger size. I have a tracksuit for around the house that I just bought in a bigger size, but I don't go out in it. To get things long enough to cover my bump without baring my bellybutton (and freezing it off in Adelaide weather!), they have to be massive, and then I feel like I'm wearing a tent!

    My favourite maternity clothes are from Pumpkin Patch as they have nice fitted styles, which show off your body shape rather than hide it and you look pregnant rather than fat. My sister gave me some of her old Target brand t-shirts in size 10 and they are ridiculously wide, so I only wear them at home too as I just swim in them, and to me they are "big ugly pregnancy clothes". But if you buy the right brands, that fit nicely you they don't have to be big and ugly.

    I also bought several tops from Maternity Matters in Adelaide - they have a great range of tops in there for reasonable prices, but I didn't like their pants much as they have that frumpy over belly bit. All my tops are stretch knit fabrics so they hug around my belly rather than hang out wide and frumpy. I love them as they fit no matter how big my belly is, rather than only fitting at the very end ofthe pregnancy. They are also great for either casual or for work, so I have one for each day of the week and it doesn't matter what I'm doing that day, I wear them with jeans or cargos for the weekends or work pants for the weekends.

    I also like the JK stuff which you can buy online.

    My maternity wardrobe consistes of:
    1 pair of maternity jeans - Pumpkin patch
    1 pair of cargo pants - Pumpkin patch
    1 bair of underbelly pants for work (love them!) - Belly Basics
    1 pair of fold down pants for going out - frou frou (can wear non-preg too)
    1 denim skirt - JK maternity
    1 cashmere blend jumper - JK maternity
    3 tops (3/4 sleeve) from Maternity Matters
    3 long sleeve tops from Pumpkin patch (one great for going out with)
    2 short sleeve t-shirts from JK maternity (fitted ones)
    1 pair bathers - Belly Basics (tankini and pant - were inexpensive and great quality with in built bra)
    1 tracksuit (non maternity) from Target in a larger size, can also wear the tracksuit jacket with my jeans or cargos.

    I have made sure that the tops I have bought can go with all or most of the pants/skirt I have bought so that the wardrobe is versitile.

    Definitely look out for the online sales for PP and JK stuff! I got my jumper from JK for under $30 just before their new season stock came in which is great because it's still cold here, and also got a couple of maternity tops from PP online in their sales (as well as some cute jumpsuits for Wrigglet- couldn't resist!)