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Thread: Morning Sickness!!!!! Help

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    kirsty Guest


    Hope you've had a better day today Jacci & that the Maxalon works for you.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    Sorry to hear about your woes honey... here is what I've done to ease the m/s

    Seasick bands (I think help 10%)
    VomiPlex (a herbal spray under my tounge every 30 mins) helps 70% immediately - however only lasts about 5 mins... then I feel about 40% better

    My nathropath also has started me on "glucoblance", she thinks m/s is due to sugar imbalace so I'm not supossed to eat any sugar or honey or anything sweat, or high in carbs, just lots of high protein things like yougurt and almonds and stuff like that.

    I hope this helps. The Vomiplex can be bought from their clinic in Wollahra Sydney (Natural Fertility Managment).

    Good luck
    A friend of mine swears by accupunture, she thinks it is wonderful.

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    Hi Girls - Just wanted to update!!!

    I took the Moxolon for 2 days straight and then stopped taking them - i haven't been sick for about 3 days - YEAH YEAH YEAH - however my belly has popped out of no were - before this weekend i wasn't showing at all and now people are starting to look at me funny coz ihave a belly - I am very excited about the belly too!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your help

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