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Thread: Are my progesterone levels too HIGH???

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    Question Are my progesterone levels too HIGH???

    I got my level of progesterone at 4wks 2 days pregnant, it was 92. That is VERY HIGH for 1st trimester..... I have been doing some reading in here and on the net (sometimes this can be a bad thing )
    and most progesterone levels for pregnancy are this -

    Before pregnancy: 1 to 28 ng/ml
    Conception to 12 weeks: 9 to 47 ng/ml
    12 to 28 weeks: 17 to 146 ng/ml
    28 weeks till birth: 55 to 200 ng/ml

    The article then says "Abnormally high levels of progesterone may indicate you are having twins or more, or it may be a sign of a molar pregnancy. A progesterone test can help monitor the health of the placenta as well as the ovaries during pregnancy."

    I know I'm not having twins as my hcg was only 110, however now i'm a bit confused at this finding!!! lol
    I'm getting another BT done on Monday anyway. GP never mentioned anything about my levels she just told me what they were. It's me that decided I want a 2nd BT done out of curiousity to see how my levels are going......
    ETA - I'm a bit padantic sometimes hehe
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    First of all CONGRATULATIONS

    Your DR was happy with your levels!!!!

    Now try and relax, you are pregnant, get off the net and enjoy, it embrase, it you are going to be a mummy

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    Thanks Kylie!! It's still sinking in!!! tee hee it's all very overwhelming....i feel so lucky.
    DH also said to not read into it too much and just enjoy it..... which I am I'm just curious hehehe
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    I can only imagine how sureal and even scary this is.

    Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

    Everything will be GREAT!!!!

    Go eat some chocci - about one of the only things it is safe to eat in pregnancy

    Hopefully I will be joining you soon..

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    I do have a VERY good feeling about this pregnancy and I have from the start!!

    Just interested about how progesterone levels can vary so much!!!! But if anything, high levels are a good thing as they are needed to sustain the pregnancy, so that, I am very happy to hear!!!!

    Yep, already into the choccy!! Just not as much as before hehe!

    Hope you can join me soon too!!!!

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    I just found out today I am pregnant by blood test and I think the nurse said my progestrone levels were 60 something. I am only 2 weeks past my embryo transfer!!

    I have no idea, but like you, I am curious too. pretty sure I am not having twins!

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    Girls - firstly WOOOOOOT Huge congratulations!!!

    Secondly - my progesterone levels at 4 weeks (IVF prg) were 444!!! And I now have a very strapping, healthy lad to show for it (and only one!), so please don't worry. I know it's hard not to after all you've been through.

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    Thanks heaps Willow. I'm glad to hear that.

    Perhaps that info i found isn't quiet accurate?!

    Runnermum - CONGRATS once again!!!! You must be soooo thrilled!!!! I'll see you over in the january 26-31 thread when you feel ready!!

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    It might be accurate Renstar - I'm sure that once I stopped my prog. support (pessaries) that the levels would have dropped off a bit, it's not the same as a natural pregnancy because you are artificially boosting your prog levels to support the prg.

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    Willow - what is the role of progesterone?? The Dr only just gave me the results but didn't explain it (i guess she didn't have time or its not relevant for me to worry about)

    Does it help sustain the pregnancy from miscarriage?? The higher it is the less likely you will miscarriage or is that not relevant cos it can change?

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    ren - I agree with the others, relax honey! If your dr was worried, she would have said something, and suggested a 2nd BT.
    I don't know much about it all, but just try and relax.

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    Thanks Jodi yes i'm sure it's very normal.

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    I don't know all the biology behind it, but basically in a 'natural' prg progesterone is produced by the ovaries after the release of the egg. During an IVF prg, so many eggs are released by the follicles that the progesterone levels are usually high anyway, but progesterone is used in the TWW (in the form of an injectoin or pessaries) to support the pregnancy.

    Low progesterone levels have been linked to miscarriage but when I asked my FS if we should continue with the progesterone after my postive BT he told me that studies had shown that continued use of artificial progesterone had no affect on pregnancy outcomes - so high levels of progesterone alone aren't going to be enough to stop m/c from occurring.

    I found this:
    Progesterone functions to inhibit the smooth muscle in the uterus from contracting and decreases prostaglandin formation, both of which allow the fetus to grow with the expanding uterus.

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    Whoops - double post.

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    Hi Renstar

    I just got a BFP a few days ago and also was wondering about progesterone levels - mine were 300 at 4 weeks and 2 days. I had been on progesterone pessaries and was told I didn't need to take them anymore. I also saw these normal ranges and wondered about my high levels - perhaps the answer is in the measuring units used? Probably an unlikely theory...

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    Ren don't panic about your levels. My levels were super high with Olivia and everything turned out fantastic. I read too much too and I had to stop as everything was scaring the crap out of me.
    Best of luck with the next levels.

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    My P4 levels at 13dpo on the IVF cycle where I had Charlie was 1000+. So I don't think you guys have much to worry about. Enjoy your pgs!

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    Thanks ladies for the reassurance

    Thanks Willow for that info!

    Nursedan - i agree, we can read TOO much can't we

    Numa - congrats on your BFP!!!!

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