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    hi girls. something strange just happened to me while i was in line at the grocery store. i started feeling really naseous and became quite sweaty and hot. then my head started spinning slightly and my vision went black around the edges and i had a pressure in my head.

    the line was taking ages to move along so i ended up leaving my groceries on the conveyor belt as i had to get out of there. i went and sat down for a moment and slowly i went back to normal. is this something i should be worried about and go to the doctor straight away or just tell her at my next appointment.

    i read somewhere that these can be symptoms for ectopic pregnancy but i am just over 8 weeks pregnant now, doesnt ectopic pregnancy happen in first month. anyway there were no abdominal pains or bleeding just nearly passed out. anyone got any advice?

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    Maybe it is your BP have you had that looked at?

    I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago but in the isle and I had to sit on soda stream boxes lol until it passed. But I am abit further along than you.

    I would maybe tell your Ob or midwife at your next app if it does not happen agian.


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    Hollo I got dizzy like that often when I was pg. It's definately worth mentioning to your dr though. A few things to help it are eating often, dont let your blood sugar drop too low, dont exercise strenuously & like you did, go & sit down as soon as you start to feel it (ussually the most inconvenient of times LOL). It used to happen to me often when shopping because you are on your feet so long.

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    Well said Linda!

    I graze most of the day as I feel sick on a full tummy and feel sick and light headed on an empty tummy.

    Keep a packet of barley sugar in your bag to suck on if you feel a little feint while your are out and about.

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    Hi Hollo

    If it only happened once I dont think it's anything to worry about. But I would still mention it to your midwife so you can be checked out

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    thanks girls. at my last appointment the docotor said my BP was quite a bit higher than my previous reading but still in the 'normal' range. i may have to keep my eye on that in the future.

    i think it may have had something to do with not eating enough food though cause i had only had a little bit of breakfast about 2 hours before. i am just finding it really hard to eat latley. the barley sugars are a great idea. i will definatley let the doctor know at my next appointment though.

    thanks again.

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