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    Congrats LG. I knew that everything would be good but can definitely understand all the worrying (I had the same problem and still do) - at least, this has given you some comfort!

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    Congrats LG! I am a nervous wreck too waiting for my 12wk scan! I had a 7 week internal scan (yuk!) because my last pregnancy was ectopic so it was just to check whwther it was ect or not and the awful person operating the u/s would not tell me anything, said my Dr had to explain the results to me and the results would be sent to my Dr in 2 days. I was almost hysterical and started crying and said just tell me what you see on the screen is the pg in the tube or the correct spot and she wouldnt. She ended up getting the results to me in an hour and I picked them up and read the letter myself written to the Dr that said it was all ok. Worst experience ever! She was about 7 months pregnant herself so very insensitive I thought surely she would know what I was going through! So even though good results still nervous about my 12wk scan. (and going to a different u/s place too don't worry! The only reason I went to this awful bulk billing one was because they were the only ones that could fit me in immediatly all the others had 2 week waits).

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