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Thread: pregnancy books?

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    ikwym about up the duff fiona, I don't think it is designed as a real guide either... but time and time again when I ask clients/women etc about what books they have read so far - and sooooo many times, overwhelmingly it is those two books. Do people think they dont need to read more? Do people not know where to find the right books? I don't know why but I guess there isnt the mass commerical appeal of those two books and many of the authors are overseas, dont have deals with major publishing houses etc... I just wonder thats all

    ETA: Perhaps people ask their friends what to read and thats what they tell them, so they do and thats it? Dunno?
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    if you want a more descriptive one about the whole process i ahve another books called "Pregnancy: the complete australian guide" it has everything in it about the birthing process & labour..then after care etc! but there are sooo many different books out there & it really deoends what the individual is after

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    Yep, I think it's a shame too Kelly. I think a lot of women's education about labour is based on "what pain relief is available and what are the pros and cons of that" rather than what pain management techniques are available. If you asked the average woman what non-drug ways she intended to manage her pain, she would say "breathing" and that may well work for a short labour but for a three-day labour, let's get real.

    As you know only too well, women also put an extraordinary amount of faith in the medical profession which I've always been cynical about (though I think my ob is magnificent) and the fact that Australia has a good healthcare system. So I think a lot of women don't like to think about what THEY can do, they take a "she'll be right" attitude.

    I actually cop a fair bit of flack from friends about reading too much though the only things I read about parenting are BB forums because I would much rather read advice from hundreds of mums rather than one expert who can't possibly have all the answers. We don't say this often enough and I'm way OT now, but you've done an incredible job putting BB out there. It's absolutely invaluable.

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    I think Up the Duff is excellent when paired with something else of more substance. I'm very attached to Sheila Kitzingers, Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth but enjoy Up the Duff when I just want a bit of easily digestible info or a giggle about whatever physical/emotional changes are going on. Up the Duff also stands out for me because it uses very careful language and never assumes that you are partnered or that your partner is a male. I think this is the downfall of even the more progressive preg/birth/parenting books. (All the Sears stuff is particularly bad for this!)

    I also have Birth Your Way (Kitzinger) and am really looking forward to getting into New Active Birth.

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