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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    bubba08 Guest

    Hi 1PJ. We did. Normal run of the mill supermarket brand water based and we fell pregnant. don't presssure yourself, sometimes relaxing about becoming pregnant is the best thing you could do to prepare your body. Best of luck!

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    bubba08 Guest

    Carla. After i became pregnant, i spoke with heaps of friends and work colleagues who have had kids to compare symptoms. Every single one of them had a different experience. Some had really bad m/s for the first trimester (like i did!!), others had it througout their pregnancy. A couple felt nauseaus all the time but no m/s and heaps of them (i could not believe this) had absolutely NO m/s. So the moral of the story i guess is, that there really is no standards formula. Try to keep yourself healthy and put your feet up. That's all that really matters at the end because your body seems to let you know when you need to rest or stop, or do something different.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007
    Gold Coast

    Thanks bubba..I guess my questions were some that couldnt really be answered...like oyu said everyones different. NO M/S what a blessing.......I think mine is wanting to come on....all my symptoms are changing....

    I think I get scared that something bad has happened if I get no symptoms...i should try and relax and enjoy this!

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    Registered User

    Mar 2008
    Pakenham, Victoria

    I have been having midnight sickness. I have woken every night at either 12.30 or 3.30 and although I dont always need to be sick, I think sometimes it would help.

    I have also been having stomach cramps, usually just before I need to go to the toilet, so I dont know if this is Speck telling me to go!!

    I hope everyones symptoms settle soon.

    Good luck for a H&H PG

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2008

    Nervous Mummy2 be

    hello, we have just confirmed our 1st pregnancy at 5 weeks today. i am very nervous. i have had no m/s just lots of tighness and slight pain from my boobs to my lower tummy. Is anyone else feeling this way?? Oh yeah and im very tired!!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2006

    Being tired is one of the most common first sign of being pregnant.
    Congrats and hope you have a HHP!AND A HHB! Good Luck

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007
    Gold Coast

    Congratulations OConnor....thats great news.....this is my first too....pretty scary but so exciting at the same time.

    Hey ladies..I have a question but its kinda embarrassing and probably TMI.....can anyone suggest anything to help with constipation!!!! Im dying here and if one more DR tells me to take metamucil.........I WILL CONSTIPATE THEM!!!! It doesnt work for me......nothing.......
    Im in so much pain.....anyone know the answer to this revolting question!

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2007

    I was chatting to one of my girlfriends who suffered terribly with constipation in first and second trimester. She said that she identified raw capsicum as the offending item in her diet and has eliminated that. Since then she has been much better.
    Maybe check in with a natropath, and see if there are any other foods that cause this to happen, and it might just be some trial and error.
    Take card
    Mrs G

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007
    Gold Coast

    Thanks Mrs G
    I think everything I eat does it to me.........will have to do what you say and 'trial and error' seeing my DR on Saturday so Im going to MKAE him give me something stronger than METAMUCIL...........

    Not long for you.......how exciting!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2007

    Hi Carla, I found that acupuncture and drinking more water has helped with this uncomfortable problem.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008
    Geraldton W.A.

    hi everyone im new here, i only found out im prg a week ago, but goin to keep it to myself n partner till 10 weeks, well try too lol, were so excited, but im scared too, this is my 1st pregnancy! we were only ttc for 3 months, i though it was goin to take alot longer, we used pre seed for the last month.. when i conceived.. but other then that just used water based everyother time..lol so i dunno.. (that was for the chick askin about wheather to use preseed or not) ive heard alot of good things about it.

    my symptoms are:
    * cramping, like period pain but milder and a nagging pain
    *a little nausia
    * really sore boobs and nippples

    congrats to u all
    hope for a H&H 9 months!
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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007

    Hi All

    Ok morning sickness officially got me this morning at 4am, my back and neck were aching so much that I got up and had a shower then started being sick and I've felt queezy all day. I have eaten ... very cautiously though and I'm so tired.

    I know it goes with the territory but just felt like saying it out loud.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2008

    Afternoon girls!

    I am just over 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby : )

    From about 7 weeks to 9 i had what felt like 'period pain' which was very uncomfortable. It seems to have gone now though. I have very sore boobs (i am finally gonna have boobs!!), constantly sore since week 7. Week 7 was really bad as i had nausea from 7.30am until i went to bed so that has been very trying too. It seems to come and go throughout the day now so i do have a few good minutes during the day. I have been bloated since about week 6 and i am only just starting to get tired.

    So all the usual stuff!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2007

    Wow - all of you guys seem to have a lot of morning sickness. I (so far) have only had one tiny burst of nausea that didn't result in anything except dry reaching. That was yesterday - today I had ginger ale and ate dry biscuits all morning and nothing really happened.

    I am, however, experiencing a fair bit of discomfort when I have to sit for and period of time. Really really crampy and it makes me feel ill.
    I am also really tired in the afternoons.
    How do you keep the fact that you are pregnant from your work mates and extended family when you are so ill? we aren't planning on telling anyone until 12 weeks and if I get sick I am wondering how I am going to hide it! I am currently around the 6 week point - not 100% sure

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    Aneta Guest

    Light Headed
    Sore/Tender/Fuller Boobs
    Nausea/Morning Sickness
    No Period
    Increased trips to toilet to pee
    Metallic taste in mouth
    Stuffy/Blocked nose
    Eating alot but still feeling hungry
    Period type cramping
    Mood Swings
    Dry Throat
    Increased CM
    Easily Aggitated
    Sore Throat
    Loss of appetite
    Dry Skin
    Back Ache

    Hmmmm...I deffinitely have most if not all of those symptoms!!! Especially tiredness (I could sleep all day!), feeling nauseas 24/7, and hungry ALLLL the time.. even as soon as I've eaten.. and the hungrier I feel, the more nauseas I am Wasnt expecting the gassiness though.. I keep telling myself its the folate lol!!

    I have a question though, I am 9wks pregnant and soooooooooo bloated that I cant do up any of my pants anymore! I havent really put on much weight, only about 2kgs, but my belly is so swollen.. just wondering if this is normal so early on? (can't wait til it actually looks like a baby bump mind you!)
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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2008

    im 8 weeks, been having bad cramps from the start, wish it would end. also have nausea but dont throw up. I am also burping a lot, maybe because i am drinking more water, feeling really thirsty a lot of the time. im a teacher, been on school holidays for the past 3 weeks, really dreading returning to work on monday, its gonna be tough.

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    Registered User

    Apr 2008

    Hi All,

    My wife is currently about 7 weeks pregnant and for about the past couple of weeks has been experiencing all the usual symptoms.... tiredness, nausea, frequent toilet breaks, etc. However. the last couple of days she has not been nearly as tired and has had no nausea... but still the frequent toilet breaks.

    Back in April she has a miscarriage at 7 weeks and, I for one and a little concerned that the sudden change in some symptoms is not necessarily a good thing (although she thinks it's great) and is a sign of things going bad?

    So has anyone else also found that the tiredness and nausea is something that does come and go and come back again? Is it normal to have "good days" in amongst the bad?

    Thanks all.


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    angeliz Guest

    Ok well today i got the worse syptom of all. even worse than morning sickness...im getting fat!!! i know i know its normal, but is it normal when your bearly 7 weeks and have put on almost 4 kilos in like two weeks???? its not just the scales, i can barely fit into my jeans, like i have to keep the button undone of im squished lol. also i had to buy a new bra today...went up a whole cup size and feel like i could almost go up another. seriously is this normal or is it cos i have just been eating too much because i know your boobs get bigger quite soon, but you dont start showing til like 12 weeks??? maybe not i have no idea arghhhh still smiling though even though im a lil scared

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