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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2005

    Well Im pretty early, just a few weeks at this stage but I wanted to add that I had ovulation type symptoms around O time but they continued and got worse until testing.
    Super sore nipples (like they were on fire),
    Cramps really low down and in specific areas not all over like AF cramps
    Extreme tiredness
    Pimples (Arrrgh, I feel like the ugliest girl on the planet!)
    My boobs started to get huge not long before testing too.
    DH and I were joking that there was no need to test, we knew anyway

    Now Im starting to get a bit vague (I refrigerated my purse overnight), and tired too.

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    Registered User

    Jan 2006

    Maybe half-way through the first trimester (maybe more), my only symptoms (and I've had to hunt for most of them) have been:
    very, very sore breasts and nipples
    growing breasts (only by 1", but the first time they've grown since I was 12!)
    Growing waist
    fresh milk tastes slightly sour, but I still really want to drink it
    I did fall asleep after a busy day at work one evening
    headaches and slight nausea when I ignored my hunger
    I've had to get up in the middle of the night twice this last week to go to the loo.

    That's it. I feel like a fraud.

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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Bendigo, Vic

    I've got one that doesn't seem to be on the list but that I've been experiencing in early pg. And fortunately I just read about.

    Shortness of breath after walking up hill or up stairs!

    According to my pregnancy in Over35s book this has something to do with increased progesterone levels making breathing shallower and faster.

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    Registered User

    Jan 2006

    Oooh, thanks Kar, I thought I was getting really unfit! I get really bad after just walking a half-mile, but DH says I'm not allowed that as a symptom, I just have to walk more slowly. But my walk to work involves going up 2 hills so I did wonder how I'd get so unfit all of a sudden.

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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Bendigo, Vic

    LOL Ryn,
    But this is what my book says:
    The hormone progesterone affects how you breathe when you are pregnant, making your breaths deeper and more rapid than normal. A common side effect if these changes is a feeling of breathlessness. Shortness of breath with increased exertion, such as walking up flights of stairs. This feeling is normal, and does not mean you are out of shape.... As your baby gets bigger, you are likely to notie that you become more and more breathless, and may get worse when you try to lie flat.
    The book is called Conception and Pregnancy Over 35 by Dr Laura Goetzl.

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    Owen Guest

    This is my first time on this web site and my first time pregnant. I'm 9 weeks and 4 days and am amazed at how soon you get pregnancy symptoms. I have had cramps since the first week which my doctor suspected as an ectopic pregnancy. Ultrasounds have since confirmed that all is ok at this stage. It was great to read how many other people have experienced similar as my doctor said he didn't know what it was which had me really worried. Another symptom that I have had that I have not seen mentioned is a very swollen stomach by the end of the day. When I get up in the morning my stomach almost feels like it used to pre pregnancy, but by the end of the day it is sooo big that I have to undo the buttons on my pants. Does this happen to anyone else?????

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    Registered User

    Dec 2005
    Bendigo, Vic

    Hi Owen,
    Welcome to BellyBelly - this is a great place.

    Yes - I've been undoing the buttons pretty much from the 5th week and its definitely a bigger belly by nightfall LOL.

    On the doctor thing - it is amazing how ignorant some members of the medical profession can be about the most ordinary symptoms of pregnancy!

    If you get a chance go and check out the Belly Buddies Threads and introduce yourself to your belly buddies (ie the gals that are due in the same fortnight as you!).

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    Owen Guest

    Thanks Kar,
    Glad to hear the night time belly is normal, can't believe how huge it gets!!!

    Will check out the Belly Buddies threads, thanks for the tip.

    Cheers & Good Luck with your pregnancy

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    goldilocks Guest

    Welcome to BB, Owen!

    I had to laugh at your comment re. flat belly in the morning, fat belly in the evening. That is SO me! LOL I thought I was the only one. My belly is definitely bigger by the end of the day, but flatter again the next morning...go figure!


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    Fire Fly Guest

    Can i just duck my head in here and ask. I am still BFng DS who is 8 months old. AF still hasnt returned and we have been talking about ttc#3.
    Well im starting to think my body has already made the decision for us, lol.
    Im at a loss because i dont have af to go off so im not totally sure how to work it out. Ive had cramping, one night was particularly worse, ive had a sharp pain, headaches, car sick feeling every day, i noticed a couple of weeks ago that my cm had changed to indicate i must be ovulateing???.

    My question is, Have any of you had full on AF feelings and actually been pg. I feel as though af is coming but i would of thought it would have been here by now. Yes ive done a test and it was neg. It may have been to early to test though.

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    ~Kelli~ Guest


    One of the symptoms not listed is aversion to foods/drinks that are not good for you & baby at this time. I had an instant aversion to alcohol. Whereas I would enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, I now cannot face any alcohol at all. Obvioulsy my body telling me whats best for me and baby.

    I have minimum symptoms apart from that. Mild cramping and some pulling which I assume is ligaments stretching. Many trips to the bathroom but that is it. Sounds like i'm pretty fortunate so far.

    Only 5 weeks 1 day though so we'll see if that changes!

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    diddles Guest

    Hi webmeg
    im only about 5/6 wks. i have had (still do) the feeling that my period is on its way; cramping, backache and all that you describe...and i feel realy pregnant!...i haven't given birth in 19 years but from experience all that u describe is v normal.

    Kind regards

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    diddles Guest

    Hi Kelli

    my partner & i went out a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea i was preg (period not due at that time)...I had a few too many beverages than usual (not a big drinker anyway). I spent two days in bed vomiting and tired. I was the brunt of every bad hangover joke for two weeks until we realised we are expecting!

    Kind Regards

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    diddles Guest

    firefly preg test

    I used "PRECISE" tester; u can test 4 days early. Maybe try that one. generally the tests are v accurate these days. also, pardon my ignorance but i dont know what AF is so i hope i have related correctly to ur query.


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    kama Guest

    hi everyone. I think I am about 5 weeks & 6 days (6 weeks tomorrow). I really don't have many symptoms. I am a bit tired, emtional, crampy and have bigger/sore boobs, but that is it. Bit worried, should I be feeling more. I know this is totally irrational... but I guess I am nor worried... what if I am not really pregnant. You think I could just be happy?!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2006
    Adelaide Australia

    Hi, i am currently 4 weeks 2 days and i have got sore boobs, off food, and cups of tea are gross. I have been getting really tired and sometimes feel so weak like ive been partying for few days.... crying for no reall reason and snappy too then the next minute im laughing at the TV...

    Kama - i did like 10 pregnancy test (stupid i know) but i was in denial...... all were positive with different degrees of darkness..... i ended up doing a digital one that said PREGNANT.. i havnt done another one since......LOL ...
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    Sammi Guest

    Hi all,

    Well symptoms to date are bloated, headaches, feel "blah" (you know, kind of nauseas), tired, irritable, big sore b's, and running to the loo every five minutes. Only 6 weeks and 5days into preg, sometimes still pinching myself that it's real.


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    Niknrik Guest

    I am now 9 weeks pregnant and feel very reassured after reading alot of the symptoms you ladies have been having. I have started reading a highly recommended pregnancy book and it does explain alot of symptoms you can expect but I find actually hearing that others are experiencing the same as me at the same time is making me feel a little more comfortable. I have also been getting the sensations that I am about to get my period but just in the last couple of days I have been getting sharp little pangs?? Has anyone else felt these?? They come and go very quickly.

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