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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    Mar 2007


    And one more thing, my poo has been really dark - black even - I started noticing after I found out I was pregnant. Does anyoneelse have that?

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    noobie Guest


    Sorry to add more to this topic for those of you not into poo discussions but I agree - there definitely is an excremental (if that's a word) change.

    The only way I can describe the poo change is that I find it's not my own smell - like someone elses. It's really weird - it smells so terrible that I find it embarrassing and it grosses me out.

    It really adds to the feeling of having some 'unseen force' taking over your body which is how I would describe the first trimester. he he

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    Mar 2007

    re: poo

    So glad someone else got the funnypuuz! Thank god I can't smell mine! That would be really wierd. Although I'm a pretty good farter - I wonder if THEY will change smell. They seem pretty regular now but . . . wierd!

    Anyway, the new one for today is itchy nipples. Oh yay

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    gina Guest


    Hi all,

    Just read the poo thing and its sooooo true. It stinks!! And Uncle the itchy nipple thing is true too. This is my first pg and i cannot believe how much i eat, drink, wee and poo. I know its gross but my DH cant believe my body is so gassy.

    My boobs have grown but no major thing they are just very sore at night and when i am not wearing a bra.

    Is anyone getting the 2-3 hour nausea. I seem to get it in the afternoon just after lunch. It is the strangest feeling and there is no controlling it. Does anyone else feel this way? I sound like i should be .

    Anyway, lets keep in touch and let each other know of whats in store for us all.

    Cheers - Gina

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    noobie Guest

    painful wrists

    Well, I got over the sickness and now I've got terrible wrist /hand pains - especially at night. I'm only 13 weeks but I think it's probably carpal tunnel syndrome. I have really skinny wrists (so skinny I have to buy kids watches) so I think the swelling might have reached it's limit already. Oooch.

    Anyone else had any luck with acupuncture as relief for this? I work in IT so this is really not good news.

    Anyway, I shouldn't really be typing this as it's making it worse ...


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    Mar 2007

    Sore Elbows

    Yeah, I have bad tennis elbo but my last job where I used them a lot, finished a week ago and my left elbow, just the left, is still going crazy. I find it hard to sleep at night, and the sensetive boobs are so not helping, think I may need to go get a massage for my arms and neck

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    Nov 2006

    Noobie - maybe get a carper tunnel splint from the chemists as I found that helped me heaps when I was pg with DS. My carper tunnel would wake me up during the night & felt like my hand was going to fall off & this made it much better. The splints can be pricey ($50) but if you are in a private health fund they may give you a rebate. As soon as DS was born mine went away!!

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    Feb 2007

    I have been nauseated almost 24 hours except one or two hours in the late AM and 1-2 hrs in the evening. I vomit, I dry heave I'm dizzy. I haven't eatten food in days. I've been able to drink V-8 juice, apple juice, PEPPERMINT TEA !, and pickled vegetables. I have found the peppermint tea and sucking on lemons to help. I can't even look at a cracker (salada) or gingerale and that was my breakfast & lunch & supper. I've tried alot of procedures in fertility to get where I am so I'm so happy to be pregnant. It is just hard to feel so weak and even nauseated by turning in bed. I sleep a ton ! At least I'm not nauseated when I sleep only when I wake up. Now I haven't taken my prenatal vitamins in a couple of days but I have taken a multi-vitamin and folic acid. Today I have a fish oil taste in my mouth !!!! Too much !! I have been taking Blackmores prenatals which have fish oil but it has been days since I was able to down such a large pill. I'm so exhausted. I'm about 6 wks 7 days and my hcg numbers were high so multiples is a possibility. I have barely left the house, and taking a shower is a big deal for me. I just want to enjoy my pregnancy and I worry about stories of women who have this for the full pregnancy !! Women are just so strong. But right now i feel so weak.

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    Aug 2006

    Can i ask what about smelly pee, sorry for the TMI

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    Feb 2007

    are u taking vitamins could be too much vitamin b?

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    May 2007

    Light Headed
    Sore/Tender/Fuller Boobs
    Nausea/Morning Sickness x
    No Period
    Bright yellow urine x
    Increased trips to toilet to pee
    Low blood pressure
    Drinking lots x
    Sensitive to smell
    Constipation x
    Fatique x
    Excessive Saliva
    Metallic taste in mouth
    Stuffy/Blocked nose x
    Eating alot but still feeling hungry x
    Period type cramping
    Sore and dry eyes x
    Headaches x
    Hot Flushes
    Mood Swings x
    Bloating x
    Cramped Legs
    Slight Spotting
    Dry Throat x
    Emotional x
    Increased CM
    Easily Aggitated x
    Bleeding Gums
    Sore Throat x
    Loss of appetite x
    Dry Skin
    Crying at drop of a hat x
    Pins and Needles
    Back Ache xxxxxxxx
    Runny Nose
    Gonna put an x to what I have!!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    Light Headed X
    Sore/Tender/Fuller Boobs X
    Nausea/Morning Sickness X
    No Period X
    Bright yellow urine X
    Increased trips to toilet to pee X
    Low blood pressure
    Drinking lots X
    Sensitive to smell X
    Constipation X
    Fatique X
    Excessive Saliva
    Metallic taste in mouth
    Stuffy/Blocked nose X
    Eating alot but still feeling hungry X
    Period type cramping
    Sore and dry eyes
    Hot Flushes
    Indigestion X
    Reflux X
    Mood Swings X
    Gassiness X
    Bloating X
    Cramped Legs
    Slight Spotting
    Dry Throat X
    Emotional X
    Cravings X
    Hungry X
    Increased CM X
    Easily Aggitated X
    Bleeding Gums X
    Sore Throat X
    Loss of appetite
    Dry Skin
    Crying at drop of a hat
    Pins and Needles
    Back Ache X
    Runny Nose X

    I had to do it too Mummy_Wannabe!!!

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    Apr 2007
    Gold Coast

    I'm just wondering if the pins & needles are limited to the BB's???

    For about a week now I have been getting pins & needles around my lower back & right side of my tummy. Occaisionally it moves up the right side of my body to my right breast & surrounds. It seems to be happening more often now.

    Is this a sign if PG or AF?????

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    kyliejane Guest

    Hi Meg, my name is kylie, i just joined and have been reading your posts, i am about 4 and a half weeks pregnant, i think?? and this is my first, it took almost a year and clomiphene tabs to concieve and i am thrilled but sooooo worried about mis carrying, i too had period pain type symptoms, back ache and cramping and was very worried but have also been told its very normal, so i think we will be fine, i am just desperate now to get to 12 weeks so i can relax and know my bub wil be fine. i can add the snoring and bright yellow wee already hehehe.

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    kezzaj Guest

    One thing that I had that I haven't seen mentioned is stabbing pains in my belly button. I don't know if this is related to a botched key hole surgery I had done a few years ago but I got it from 10 DPO...!
    Hi LouLou,
    I had 2 laproscopic surgeries, one 5 yrs ago and the other 2 yrs ago and suspected I was pregnant due to the "pulling" like feeling from inside my belly button. Doctor assured me it was ok though.

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    Jun 2007

    Talking sore boobs, but thats all.

    I am 6 weeks preganat, when is the morning sickness most likely to hit? I didnt even know I was pregnant untill 11 weeks last pregnancy.

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    May 2007

    I am in the TWW wait period and will be testing if AF doesn't come tomorrow.
    I have v sore boobs, but did last month too.
    So sensitive to all bodily signs.
    Mrs G

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    Jun 2007
    South Australia

    Hi guys, i am only 5weeks and have had those same kinda cramps. They feel like my period is due anyday but then nothing comes. I have also been really tired and starting to get sore boobs. Also can anyone tell me how i get the little charts to say when my little one is due??? the ones that you put at the bottom of your post?? thanx guys.

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