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    Default Problems eating

    Is anyone else having problems eating. I think that i am hungry or i know that i should be hungry but i find it really hard eating. I don't know what i feel like eating! Then i make something and i think i feel like eating it and i will take a few bites and thats it i don't feel like eating it any more. What can i do?
    Is anyone else feeling like this?

    thanks nikki

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    HI Nikki,

    I am the same. Can't work out what to eat - I seem to have more food aversions this time. So far the only thing that is really settling my stomach is a large bowl of plain pasta - nothing on it!!!! All those carbs are going to make me so fat - HELP!!!!


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    Heheheheheh.... geez that's sounds familiar!!! I'm nearly 14wks pregnant now, but from about 5wks to 11wks preg, I would be starving every 2-3hrs throughout the days & I'd think "geez, that's what I feel like eating", then I'd go to eat it & almost throw up! I think it's got something to do with the smells of foods.... geez they can really make you feel sick!

    The worst part of the day for me was from 3pm onwards.... I'd eat my lunch, then have to lay on the couch & sleep all afternoon as I was so nauseous that if I didn't sleep, I'd vomit - or feel like it anyway. Then I'd wake up, feeling refreshed but tired.... cook an awesome dinner, then couldn't eat it half the time!

    It's terrible isn't it... but I must say, just when you feel like it's NEVER GONNA END, it does. I'm now enjoying being pregnant, just getting a tummy now!!!

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    When i was in the first trimester, i had the same difficulties. The best thing i can suggest is to stock up on hospital grade Sustagen (i got mine from a pharmacy), because it's a 'thick' milk and lines your stomach, it can turn down the hunger for a few hours. Also containing all the nutrients you need.
    I had troubles eating right up to sixteen weeks, but got addicted to cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwiches!

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    i am the same i feel sick so i need to eat but then i dont feel like anything. the thought of anything at the mo makes me sick. then if i do find something i liek i can only eat a few mouth fulls and it feels liek i have had liek 3 plates of it and can hardly breathe i am that full.

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