thread: Requesting a scan for no reason

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    Nov 2007

    I just don't get the Medicare system at all!

    I had a dating scan for which tehy charged me $60.00 which was hugely reasonable I thought, then when I went to Medicare I got $51.00 back...so I was only out of posket $9.00 and for that I got copies of the scans and a dvd...!

    Yet others pay a lot of money and seem to be out of pocket...

    Ourlux, I think you should do what you feel is right. I don't think the dr will have any problems referring you for a scan if you explain your feelings...

    Best of luck


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    Nov 2007

    If you have private health insurance - particularly Medibank Private - you may have accrued 'points' based on how long you've been with them. I have 250 points, which means I can use them on some out of pocket health costs, like a scan. Won't pay for ALL of them, but it'll help!

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    I had a few scans in the first trimester to check various things. Dont feel bad about it because at the end of the day your the one that will bay the $150+ to have it done. I had a 'bad feeling' that something was wrong, had a scan and it was all perfect. Good luck!

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    May 2004

    Lets us know how you go Ourlux.

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    Apr 2007
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    sorry to barge in on the thread, but why such a huge cost for the scan? I have had my 8wk scan done at a private ob/fertility specialist and im only charged $45 for it (complete with disc and print out pics) when i reach 19wks and want the 4D one he only charges $95 for this with disc and copies. Hmm seems a huge difference.

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    I had fortnighly scans at $160 a scan all throu my preg this was all required as I had surgery at 12 weeks to close my cervix. PHI wont pay for scans unless you have been admitted to hospital and the scan was done then, the only thing that may give you alittle grace is that medicare threshold is obtainable. AS for the pricing I dunno depends on each clinic and what they charge over the scheduled fee abit like a specialist.

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    Dec 2007
    Melbourne , Australia

    Can someone help me out?

    I'm moving to Melbourne, Australia in February(i will be 5 months) and i would like to know some details about the Medical system there....

    Is there a private health sysyem as well as a Gov one?

    Do u get a choice in a vaginal birth or C-section?

    How many U/S do u get?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.. Thanks..

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    Dec 2007
    Melbourne , Australia

    sorry i was trying to get this question on to a new thread....

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    Our scans with our FS are around $70-$80.
    The only other place to get a scan around where I live is at the private imaging place and it is around the $180 mark as well. They don't do videos anymore, and as far as I know, you get one photo.
    For me to get a 3d scan done, I would have to drive about 6 hours to get one!


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    I also had to pay about $160 for an early dating scan - and I didn't even want it! My GP referred me for it because she didn't believe me when I said I knew my EDD. I think if you want a scan, you should be able to pretty much demand one. If your GP is reluctant to refer you, just say you would like a referral and be very firm. Remember you are paying the GP for their services - you are the customer as well as the patient. You may need to pay for it but the peace of mind is worth it if you are feeling something is not right.

    Hopeful83 & Stars - The huge difference in price that we all seem to be paying is because the different clinics are allowed to charge more or less whatever they like - it's not medicare that fluctuates - the medicare rebate is consistent - it is just that the different practices are free to set their own prices. The medicare rebate is $51.
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    OK- i had the same issues myself.... After having 4 early MC nit sure if it was me just feeling uneasy or just being parranoid but i have had 4 US already. I just went to a different docs and ask for an US referal.

    I noticed you almost 9 weeks- Just say that your LM was on this date but you'd like to have the dates confirmed and then you should get a referal no problems. I've also gone back to the different doc for my 12 week scan and had 2 scans done a week appart. I wouldnt reccomend saying you have some bleeding if you dont cos they may suggest an internal US... I also have my 18 week US on the 19th and i want to find out what i am having.... a friend had hers and bubs leggs were closed so i've made 2 booking for that scan aswell just by seeing the different GP....

    I'm a big believer in Mothers intuition......if you feel something isnt right then get it checked.... I convinced a friend to get check as she was feeling like something was wrong at 21 weeks...... After having it checked found out that her bubs has cycts on his lungs and now they have caught it early he has a great chance of survival....Not that i want to worry you...I'm sure there isnt anything wrong but as i say to people wouldnt you rather know that everything is ok rather then not get checked and heaven forbid something go wrong.......

    Good luck and wich you a H & H Preg


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