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    I've had 4 miscarriages over 5 months - and got another BFP today. I'm making myself sick with worry that I'm going to lose this one too

    I don't expect a response, I'm just getting it out there *sigh*

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    Aww Bec you poor chook :hugs:
    Why don't you take yourself off to the Drs and get some monitoring done if it will be your mind at ease?

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    Honey, first a big hug for all your upsets and sorrows - it must be awful. Second, congratulations on your pregnancy; I really hope this one is a sticky one.

    Have you seen the pregnancy after miscarriage and loss forum? Not that I want to get rid of you, only they'd probably be able to know more of what you're going through than most other girls here.

    Hope you're feeling a bit less worried soon, are you going for early scans to check that the baby is growing and doing OK? One friend of mine had a strong miscarriage risk for her daughter and had 4 scans by 8w; would you be able to have the same?

    Best of luck to you!

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    Definitely go to the Dr's and get them to monitor you, even if things turn out perfectly atleast you will have peace of mind. Big and huge congrats

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    ~ Congratulations the other girls have said, go off to the doctors and have yourself and the bub checked out. This just might give you some peace of mind and make you alittle less stressed and worried. Thinking of you and looking forward to a birth announcement from you in the future. *Positive Thoughts*. Take Care. X

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    You poor thing, sending lots of hugs and good wishes your way.

    I agree with Ryn about the PAML forum... hope you can also get some reassurance from your dr and that will give you the peace of mind you need. Good luck.

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    Sorry to hear of your losses.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck

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