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Thread: shall i take clexane

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    Default shall i take clexane

    I have a beautiful Son and I am pregnant with my second child. I had a Pulmonary Embolism in 2003 nothing to do with pregnancy, but from the pill. I have been advised to take clexane. I took asprin with my first baby and all was great. Has anyone taken clexane during pregnancy and have they had any problems?

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    i have heard of many women taking clexane during pg and my FS has recommended that i take it to help me while ttc, in fact i will be on it till 27 weeks at least when i do finally get pg

    just search clexane and you will get heaps of info on here


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    sorry i dont understand your abbreviations and I have searched clexane and want some personal views. Why only 27 weeks?

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    I too have had a DVT and PE and my OB has me on Clexane. According to my GP aspirin is not all that effective as a clot preventative, so clexane is the better choice. I'll be on Clexane until just before the birth, which will be an induction at 38 weeks so they have time to come off the clexane and reduce the risk of bleeding too much.

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    Im on clexaine for a different reason not for clotting. I have an immune problem that stops me conceiving. I dnt understand it really but all I know is that after taking as prescribed Im now 9 weeks pregnant for the first time in 4 years. Im staying on it till 20 weeks or there after because the implantation process should be complete by then. If you are taking it for clotting problems you need to take it till your almost full term. My FS said it is no advatage for my condition after 20 weeks. Its no problems to take except one month after starting I have developed an allergy and have a really really itchy rash on my tummy everytime I put a needle in. Have to keep taking it though since I dont want to mess with the success. bGoodluck with it It just becomes part of your normal morning routine except the itch

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    thanks, are you taking the clexane now?

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    I have a blood clotting gene issue called factor V leiden which increases the risk for clots and I have had 2 miscarriages. I was on aspirin last pregnancy but miscarried at 14 weeks.
    Next pregnancy I am going to take Clexane as soon as I have a positive pregnancy test and take it throughout the entire pregnancy and 6 weeks after the birth. You are also at a high risk for clots afterwards.
    A clot in veins, especially a DVT that can travel to the lungs, is predominantly made up of a mesh of fibres called fibrin and has a few platelets which stick to it. Aspirin is useless against fibrin, it only works on platelets.
    Clots in arteries that can give you a stroke etc are predominantly made up op platelets which is why a lot of people take aspirin to prevent strokes.
    So if your issue is a clot in a vein, DVT, clot in the lungs etc, then Clexane for the entire pregnancy and 6 weeks afterwards would be what I would do!!!

    Did they test you after the PE for Factor V Leiden??? One in 20 people have this gene.

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