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    Ice-cream is fine in a tub - just not soft-serve

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    Stevie Guest


    I don't think that it includes ice cream in a tub just the soft serve from the places you mentioned. I have been eating heaps if ice cream from a tub I find it settles my stomach if I feel a but yuckky!!

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    lovebourbon Guest

    Thank you. Glad to know I dont have to give it up!!
    It is good to settle your stomach and if its late I know I wont regret eating it four hrs later when Im up with my head in the bowl... Gross isnt it but so is steak and vegies again at three in the morning..lol.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Grrrrr i wish i knew this last night when DH and DD was eating ice cream from a tub.

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    rails Guest

    Is Philladelphia Cream cheese on the NO, NO list ?