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Thread: So scared of CVS!!!! PLZ HELP!!!

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    Mezzz Guest


    Carmen I have my NT test next week too, have already done the bloods. Am excited but so anxious, I just hope there is a nice strong heartbeat I'm so paranoid!

    I think I read you were Canada, maybe its more common to do the CVS over there? I just know the health system can be so different in different countries and I know in the a lot of the US pregnancy books there is alot of info on CVS but not as much on the Nuchal Fold tests.

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    CM, my Ob did not give me any clue to why a CVS is chosen at the first place. Apparently, my Ob loves sending her patients for CVS without any reason. She said that this test is the most accurate... ?

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    Mezzz, good luck for your NT test next week. I am doing mine next Thursday, will keep u update with the results. CVS is not that popular in Canada as it's considered invasive. I have found myself a new Ob and have discussed the issue about CVS. She didn't see any reason to why my first Ob asked me to do that right off the bad.... However, CVS must be paid by the patient as it is done at a private lab, so my Ob may get a cut from the cost according to my new Ob.

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    Mezzz, by the way, how many weeks along are you now?

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    Thats terrible Im glad you found someone better who seems more willing to talk to you. CVS is more accurate but is usually only if you are shown to be high risk with the NT they do it or if you are out of the NT 10-13 wks and demand to know I think. Best of luck with ur NT i hope it goes well for you!

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    sajemsha Guest


    Hi Carmon, Doesn't sound like your at great risk of your baby having downs, I'm 33 and I opted not to have the NT or anything else to detect downs, I didn't think I was at any great risk for it, at the 20 ultra sound they found that there was no downs.
    They usually offer the NT before 14 weeks so that if the baby did have downs then they can terminate if you requested one.
    I wouldn't terminate regardless, so that was another reason why I opted not to go for the test.
    Good luck with what ever you decide, good on you for going with your instincts, you'll find that usually there right....

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    Mezzz Guest


    Carmen I think I am the same as you! 11 weeks 5 days today, due on the 4th November. I have not told a soul yet (apart from hubby) waiting till the ultrasound next week, I have been so anxious and nervous that something will go wrong, its my first so no idea what to expect or how to feel and I think reading too many books is making me nervous because I will read something and think I dont have those symptoms!
    I just want to see a moving baby with a nice strong heart beat on the u/s screen then I will be happy to tell the world! 4 sleeps to go!

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    sajemsha, thank u for your post. I can't wait till I get the NT results next week. At least, I will have better sleep as this is my first pregnancy... so I am quite nervous in every twinge i feel!

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    Mezzz, wow... what a COINCIDANCE! seems like we are due the same date! This is my first pregnancy too, so I can definitely understand the anxiety you are going through. I haven't told many people yet except my close families. Next Thursday, I will be having my NT scan so I think I will be able to sleep better once I see my bub's strong heart beat and the size compared to the size at week 8. Like you said, I also too get a little nervous sometimes reading too much on the internet about pregnancy signs and symptoms... or shall I say I am trying to look for an explanation to every twinge I feel in my body. Just one more week, I think I will be able to live more freely!

    Fingers crossed for both of us! Keep me update with your results!

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    Mezzz Guest


    Carmen had my scan and everything was great! Was so so nervous even lying on the table before he put the u/s machine on me I was almost in tears. He said everything looked great the nuchal fold was below risk but will get combined results tonight. He said it looks like a very healthy baby so far I saw the spine and 2 sides of the brain and all the limbs, was so exciting I cant believe how much better I feel now so relieved and can finally tell people! I have a different due date now though, due the 3rd November instead! Let me know how you go with yours! xxx

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    Hi Mezzz,

    I just got back from my NT and u/s. Yes, I was also really really anxious before getting there. I must say that I didn't get a restful night. This morning, when I was lying on the table, I freaked out too and was scared to see the screen. My technician was really helpful. She printed out many pictures and explained to me what everything means. My bubis healthy and I was able to see his/her fingers, limbs, belly, eyes, spinal cord, and etc. I must say that it was relieving seeing my bub heathy. The NT result looked fine on the screen according to the technician but she was unable to tell me the exact figure until the calculations are done which take about 5 business days. Meanwhile, I am relieved and must admit that less stressed! I guess the stress will not cease until I deliver a heathy baby... even then, there's other worries! Well, that's the joy of motherhood!

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    lj268 Guest


    If I were you Carmen, I would definitely find a new ob! Unfortunately it is too late for you to have a NT scan as it says on your ticker that you are 19wks?? But at your age I wouldnt worry too much about having a baby with abnormalities especially when there is no family history of it. If you think about it, all these tests are relatively new things, years ago these tests were not offered regardless of age. Oh btw, did you have the triple screening blood tests done???
    If I were you, I would stop worrying yourself over what is probably nothing to worry about.
    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and look forward to being a mum, its a great occupation lol.

    Msg edited: Sorry for not reading the whole thread before posting! I realise now that your ticker is up to date for today, and when you first posted this you were only around the 10w mark!!!! I feel sooo silly lol. Anyway, so glad to hear all went well and that you were happy with the support of others in here, it truly is a wonderful place to visit.
    Last edited by lj268; June 15th, 2007 at 07:40 PM. Reason: Didnt read all the posts first! Doh!! lol.

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    lj268, thanks for your reply. Fortunately, I refuse to have the CVS testing and decided to do the NT test since my Ob was so concerned about her patients. The test indicatated that I am low risk and I am not concerned about fetal abnormalities anymore since I just got back from my ultrasound yesterday. My baby girl is doing great and she is amazingly active with no detectable abnormalities. Also, I changed a new Ob as my old one was quite worrisome to me since she was really trying to make the most money out of my pregnancy. I must say that when I was 10 weeks pregnant, I worried myself out with all the tests she offered. At that point, I almost was certain that my baby had something wrong because she was insisting the needs to run all the available tests even though I had no family history of any abnormalities. Thank God that the time has passed. Right now, I am enjoying my pregnancy and the kicks I get from my DD! What a relief!

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