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Thread: Terrible MS - normal?

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    Unhappy Terrible MS - normal?

    I'm 7 weeks pregnant now and have been suffering from awful ms. It's strange though, because even though I'm bent over the sink trying to vomit, sometimes nothing comes up. I only make the sounds and my tummy somersaults like I am going to vomit, but no.

    Other times I really do vomit (although mainly it's just a little bit each time even though I'm gagging for a few minutes).

    The terrible thing is the nausea though. I can hardly watch tv or go on the computer to read as I get too sick and feel even more like vomiting!

    I'm lucky in that I don't have to work so have been in bed for the last week or so, getting up to only go to the bathroom.

    Anyone had a similar experience with ms?

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    Can relate totally - It's just awful - I can only hope that it gets better soon - if you're in Sydney you should call Mothersafe - they'll be able to tell you what you can take to possibly eleviate some of the yukiness - although in my experience nothing has worked - and I'm nauseas day and night

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    How long does it go on????? I don't have the need to vomit, or gag, but I feel utterly terrible!!! My first pg were m/s free, so this is hitting me harder than I thought it would. I just am so tired and nauseas and icky! DH has been a doll, but I don't know if I can take another six weeks of this!!

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    yep i had the same, but more often vomitted, the key for me was to not get hungry, have small frequent snacks like dry biscuits, ginger bisuits etc, i also used herbal teas, but to honest i had to ride it out!!

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    DW had very bad morning sickness as well. Her started at 8 weeks, probably peaked between 10 and 15-16 weeks, and then tapered off a bit, but persisted for the rest of the pregnancy. I remember that was one of the biggest reliefs for her when our babies were born - not feeling sick any more.

    Hang in there. DW found that tonic water helped more than any medications.

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    I had very very very bad MS.. and was put on medication.. definilty made a difference.. ask your doc.

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    Hi there,

    I hope your hanging in there. Quite a few women in the 1-15th Dec group found that their ms has eased up a bit already (week 10-11). Some found it stopped suddenly early than this and is wasn't a m/c so you might be lucky.

    I'm also sorry to say you might end up like me where week 10-11 has increased my m/s further. I've been ill from week 5's start so I am really over this now. I do know that the only think that has kept me going is my Maxalon which is an anti nausea medicine that I take as a tablet 3 times a day.

    I also wanted to avoid drugs of any kind but me drug free for an hour has me hugging the toilet in tears and agony - not worth it.

    As it stands the medicine helps me stay at nausea not vomiting. Eating is hard and drinking water is harder but I can get the minimum in most days which has reduced my weight loss.

    I'm not telling you this to make it harder but to let you know that most women I have come across have gotten over it quite well and sooner than expected. Time is really the only thing that will tell how your body reacts to things.

    In the meantime or if it doesn't improve please feel free to talk to me. Bad m/s is really hard to cope with on so many levels but your not alone.

    Fingers crossed your one of the lucky ones,

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