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Thread: These might be silly questions...

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    Default These might be silly questions...


    I have just got a BFP and was wondering a few things....

    1. Can you use lubricant during sex when you are pregnant?

    2. Can you thaw chicken from the freezer and cook it for dinner that night?

    3. Can you eat Yoghurt?

    4. Can you eat salads that you have prepared at home?

    Thanks so much...sorry if these are the silliest questions you have ever heard.


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    Firstly, congrats on your pregnancy.

    Not sure about the question re lubrication although common sense I would think it wouldn't be a problem, so long as you're extra careful with hygiene. Hopefully one of the other girls knows for sure though.

    Yes, you can thaw chicken and eat it - just thaw it either in the microwave and cook it immediately, or thaw it in the fridge - don't leave it on the bench or in the sink to defrost.

    Yes, you can eat yoghurt. Again, just make sure you keep dairy refrigerated at the right temperature. I was always a bit careful about eating yoghurt that came from a big, bulk container. During pregnancy I buy single serve containers so that the freshness is maintained.

    Yes, you can eat salads you prepare yourself. Just make sure everything is washed well. You can still use dressings, including mayonnaise (provided it is commercially produced one - preservatives override issues with the raw eggs in it - but don't eat homemade mayo. Just make sure the mayo is kept in the fridge). Again, I didn't eat pre-prepared salads from anywhere but know plenty of people who have without any issues - one of those choices you have to make for yourself.

    the general rule I was told for eating was that anything you buy, make sure its fresh, hot if its a hot food, cold if its a cold food. If its something you have prepared, don't eat anything that was prepared more than 24 hours ago, and always ensure things are refrigerated as soon as they stop steaming etc.

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    congratulations sam! they're not silly questions at all. as far as I know:

    1. i can't see why not. it's only when you're ttc that it might be a problem since it's hostile to sperm.
    2. frozen food should be defrosted in the fridge (or microwave) then cooked asap once defrosted. so yes, enjoy your chicken!
    3. yoghurt is fine. avoid feta, ricotta, brie and camembert unless thoroughly cooked. google 'listeria' or check out the aus & nz food standards website to find out what's not advisable to eat.
    4. home-made salad is fine - the general idea is, when you're eating out, don't eat stuff that may have been sitting behind a counter all day.

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    Hi Sammy
    I agree with the other girls. Yes to all your questions. Lubricants are fine just make sure that they are a water based libricant for example KY jelly

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