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Thread: Weird Pregnancy Symptoms?

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    Oooh, Puppies, you are not alone! Those tablets are what gives me MS - I will only throw up if I take one in the morning, not the evening! I swear it is all down to them, I'm 10 times worse after taking one.

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    I know what you mean with those pregnancy vitamins! I take them with my breakfast in the morning, and though that doesn't give me morning sickness, I do gag or almost gag on them pretty much every morning. I dread taking them! Why can't they make them smaller!

    Another weird thing I've come across is not being able to eat toast! I tried having some for breakfast the other morning, and on my second bite chucked up in the kitchen sink! Weird.

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    With my first all i wanted was 1/4 chicken hot pack with a pineapple fritter and a bottle of coke!
    With my second I went fruit nuts..... pineapple, strawberries even cherries. (except Mango and rockmelon yukkie)

    This time around I struggled to eat for the first 15 weeks everything would come back up then the cravings hit, crunchie bars then marshmellows till about 4 weeks ago, now all I want is a glass of coke and a bannana with a handful of almonds on the side. I've also found I can't eat an evening meal makes me feel really sick. So I snack throughout the day! Amazing how all pregnancies can be so different.

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