thread: what can't I eat

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    what can't I eat


    Im 7 weeks pregnant and Im really confused as to what I shouldnt be eating, I have read so lots of conflicting articles etc. Can anyone help out?

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    Hello MiMo!

    The article on the BellyBelly website is accurate, it was information provided by the website Obstetrician, Dr. Nick Lolatgis. You'll find it very useful. You'll need to login at (seperate registration!).
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    Things that I have heard that you shouldnt eat are:
    Small goods- salami's etc. Soft Cheese- caembert etc. Food that was not cooked fresh (so if you go fast food make sure it is fresh), you should stop drinking alcohol for a while, cut down or out of coffee, you shouldnt have very much fish, but things like snapper are okay 1-2 times a week.

    This is a start. Hopefully that helps.
    I am sure the article will give you oodles more info though!

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    my OB told me that you definitely have to be careful with the soft cheeses and other listerioses-related things.
    She said that I shouldn't worry too much about the salami and ham and cold cuts stuff as long as I purchase it from a supermarket in packs. The not so safe stuff is the deli meats that have been lying around for God knows how long. Also she said to not worry that much about salmonella because it doesn't cross the placenta (while listeriosis does). So it will make you sick as a dog but not the baby. She also added that chances are higher that you get hit by a car than get salmonella ... which I guess is statistically right, but doesn't really help us pregnant women with worrying, huh?

    I have honestly gone from totally obsessing about what I could or could not eat to being a bit more relaxed about it in the last week.

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    I think you have to relax about the whole food thing to a certain extent or you just end up going nuts. We had a seafood night on Saturday and I kept thinking what if eating this entire crayfish ends up giving the baby an allergy to seafood? But then I thought mmmmmm crayfish O -nah - not really, I rationalised it by knowing no-one in our family has reactions to seafood, and I dont eat it all the time, and its CRAYFISH!!

    BTW - we then won a $92 crayfish in the raffle so gorged ourselves again the next night \/ !