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Thread: What to eat?

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    Default What to eat?

    I'm hungry and i want to eat but every time i go near food or even think about food i get a heavy feeling in my tummy and start gagging. What do i do. I'm hungry!

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    Kristobell Guest


    I've been put off some foods since I found out I was pg and I can only eat 3/4 of my usual meals!!
    I find it hard actaully knowing WHAT to eat whenyou are hungry, I have read soooo many things about different foods, I'm scared to eat!!

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    I know how you feel. My nathropath has recommended things with a low GI and high protin, eg: almonds and yougurt. So that is basically all I eat... I have to say that muching on almonds all day at work really helps my m/s and keeps my hunger at bay.... As I was also thirsty but could not stomach water I also liked soup (but try to avoid packaged soup as it is too high in sugar and salt)... try to steer clear of junk food - I loved my potato chips, but within 30 mins I would feel sick again... so I don't eat them anymore...try the almonds for all day snacking, they really helped me... good luck!

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    My MIL made a big batch of chicken soup for me and it was great. Don't make your own tho, unless you can stand the smell of the boiling chicken! blerk! But even if I just had a small bowl of soup I felt better, and not so guilty, as there's lots of nutrients in it from the meat & veggies. It got me past my worst part, and was a good stepping stone up to more normal meals again.

    Hope you feel better soon and can stomach some yummy foods

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    Bec Guest


    Ive had the same problem. I have trouble eating certain things that i used to love.

    In the first trimesta I used to eat heaps of salad sandwiches now I cant go near one.

    Junk food tastes great but I am trying my hardest not to eat it.

    I am not sure what to eat anymore.


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