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Thread: When did you notice a 'belly'?

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    CatherineL Guest


    My Doctor told me that the rounder tummy feeling at around 9 to 12 weeks is more likely to be constipation or gas retention or something strange like that!

    Bowel Distention is what she said it was...
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    LizzysMum Guest


    I noticed fitted pants getting tighter at about 8-9 weeks. I have been managing in skirts and elasticised waist cargos. Today was the first day I wore maternity pants, done up a long way though. (we are 12 weeks) I have a spare tyre there anyway but its starting to stick out more. With my first it was ages before I needed maternity gear...sigh

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    i didn't notice anything until i was about 18 weeks, i just looked like i'd eaten to much at an all you can eat buffet until then. lol.

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    Im starting to get firmer and rounder it looks like Ive eaten a cow to myself lol its their in the morning and even if i go to the loo so im thinknig its the firming and expanding of the uterus rather than digestive bloating but u never know. My mum looked 6 months preg at 8 weeks and stayed that size till 7 months then ballooned again lol

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    Claire Guest


    My first pregnancy I 'popped' at about 16 weeks, with my second at 14 weeks, still yet to with this one, but it won't be long now. Maternity clothes are so much more comfortable once you've popped.

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    well i am now much bigger and everyone can see. i dont know if you would call it 'popped' but its pretty round! i love it!

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    yogip Guest


    I'm only 8 weeks and I've started to notice a little belly forming... I always had a really flat stomach before, so maybe that's why I can notice it so early. Its only small though. I don't think its noticeable unless I'm wearing somethign skin tight or showing my stomach.

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    With my first pregnancy, I popped out at 14 weeks, second pregnancy I didn't pop out noticably until around 35 weeks and I got MASSIVE really quickly, I looked like I had twins or triplets, with this one it was 9 weeks and now I look like I am full term when I still have 8 weeks to go.

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    CatherineL Guest


    I think it also depends on how strong your tummy muscles are too... I am only a size 6-8/ used to exercise exessively along side my DP who is a body builder (natural - no steriods). I really haven't noticed anything, but at my scan they said my uterus had swollen to the size of a orange. Again the abdomen muscles, perhaps that's why second time mum's pop sooner!

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    Josephine** Guest


    I am almost 16 weeks and in the last week have started to show slightly. I can just squeeze into normal pants, but can't do up the top button. I find trackies and elastic skirts are the most comfortable right now, or low hipster jeans. Can't wear those to work though!

    due 13 Sept 2007

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