thread: when did you tell your family?

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    when did you tell your family?

    Hi everyone.

    Just wondering when you told your parents & siblings that they're going to be grandparents/uncles/aunts?

    We wanted to wait until week 7 to tell our family (after the u/s) but ended up telling them this evening when my mom called from Germany. I am only 4 weeks and 4 days so I feel like a total dodo for not being able to wait any longer... but I think I'm quite glad I did because everyone's reaction was so nice!! (I just swore them to secrecy to not tell a soul... I hope they are better at keeping secrets than we were)


    this is going to be one very long pregnancy for someone as impatient as me...

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    Hi Snowgirl

    Everyone knew as soon as we got the lmao on both occasions. LOL.

    Love :smt049

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    Same LOL!!!
    Kelly xx

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    Yep told Mum the next day and told DH's parents right after her.... we wouldn't have but we had to tell my work ASAP so we had to tell family first.


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    Nikki Guest

    I actually rang my mum as soon as I got . She asked what DH's reaction was, that's when I realised I hadn't told him yet. But because I was going to Sydney at the time (lived in Melb then). I thought it was the only opportunity I had to tell everyone face to face. I was only 5 weeks at the time.

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    Orkids Guest

    I always SWORE that we wouldnt tell anyone until after the 12 week ultrasound, but when we got that we just couldnt help ourselves #-o . We told our parents and DH sisters family (we're close) and thats all. They were sworn to secrecy :-# .

    Now our 12 week scan is today, but to be honest I'm not really busting to tell anyone. It'll be a relief to tell my workmates, because the poor things must think I have the longest lasting case of gastro ever, although I told my bosses straight away.

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    Mar 2004
    Switzerland at the moment

    ah. that's good. feeling a bit less dodo-ish

    very funnny Nicki that you told your mom before you told DH!

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    Aug 2003
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    We waited until 7 1/2 weeks to tell both parents and siblings. We wanted to wait until we had our first scan and saw that everything was okay. After the m/c we were cautious. They were excited but also cautious. I must admit there was a part of me that didn't want to say anything. But I knew that if something happened again I would need my parents, and I didn't want to have to tell them that I'm pregnant and then in the same breath tell them we had m/c.

    Tomorrow we have the nuchal fold scan and after that our parents will have permission to tell the rest of the family. I think they are literally busting to spill the beans.

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    Pietta Guest

    Due to the fact i was told i wouldnt have children due to my PCOS I rang my Mum as soon as I found out. I went straight to the hospital because I had bleeding and thought i was already miscarrying. Mind you I knew I was pregnant from the day after TTC, so it came as no great shock to me... just to my doc, DH, Mum etc... we got all our loved ones out for a meal that night and told them all. We had actually almost told everyone by the next day actually!!!!
    It was more a great relief to know I could concieve and I wanted to tell everyone before anything happened and now I am sure that Peanut will be with me, I am overjoyed that everyone knows.

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    Melinda Guest

    We told my Mum straight away, but didn't tell anybody else until after the 12w scan as we were just way too anxious about it given past experience.

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    Feb 2004

    Because I was still with my XH until I was past three months, DP and I didn't tell our parents until a few weeks before xmas, when I figured they'd notice. DP's parents knew I was pregnant, as I was going to their place almost every week for tea, but they didn't know it was DP's.

    So I was almost five months when I told my family. We'd already had the 20 week ultrasound and everything. Mum was kinda suprised because under the xmas tree there was a present (a little teddy) with the tag for Brandon Codi, and mum didn't realised we'd named him already, even though I told her when I told her I was pregnant. (I think she was in shock). She thought my sister had put a present for someone else with the presents for mum to take home.

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    kelandroo Guest

    I told my family when I was six weeks, as I went home for my sister's wedding and knew that they would know when they say I was driving to the wedding and offering others lifts. Otherwise I would have been getting a lift or a taxi!! My family know me too well!
    I told my boss at eight weeks as she was getting right into telling me what long term projects I would be working on when back at work full time ( I am still on maternity leave with first bub, working two days per week). Her reaction was to laugh rather hysterically!!

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    Feb 2004
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    Because my family live in the uk, i rang my mum, dad, nanna and sister the day i found out at 6 1/2 weeks but we waited until 4 months to tell dp's family because we hadn't been together very long and we were'nt sure what kind of reaction we would get.