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Thread: Why can't I sleep?

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    Default Why can't I sleep?

    Hi this will be the 6th night in a row if I can't sleep, I lay awake till 3-4 am then drift off, only to be awoken again by 7pm to feed kids and bath them etc.

    Im so friggin tired but can't sleep it's driving me nuts, this normally happens to me in pregnancy but when I'm about 20-22 weeks onwards, I'm only nearly 7?

    WTF's going on, any suggestions plse , I do a walk after dinner and then a bath to relax and then come on here and then when I'm tired go to bed and read, but nothing's working and as I said it's driving me bananas!!!!

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    Nadia, I was exactly where you were in my first pg and started a post about the same time as you. Sorry can't help with any suggestions. I am awake from 3-4am again now and are testing tomorrow. It is strange not being able to sleep, hope it gets better for you.

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    Aww Nadia, matey. I suffered the exact same thing with this pregnancy early on and am no suffering from it now. Around 2pm I could sleep as I am so tired yet when it comes to bed time I can't sleep.

    Unfortunately nothing really worked, I guess it is just our minds going overboard, not letting us rest. Rob told me once to just think of a blackboard and nothing else (it does sound weird) but at times it did work.

    Have you tried a cup of warm mil or milo?? Or maybe put one of those relaxing cds on, like the rainforrest ones or storm ones and have it down on low and maybe that will help you to drift off to sleep.

    Sorry I am not much help.

    I hope you are able to get a good nights sleep soon hun

    Take Care

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    Nadia - I'm feeling the tiredness too really badly. Hopefully it will ease up for us when we hit 12 weeks or so.
    My only suggestion is to nap when you can, and hopefully that will keep you on top of it.

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    This happened to me also in early pregnancy. Not so much now, but a few weeks ago... I would wake up boiling hot and then not be able to get to sleep for hours :evil:

    I figured it's just hormones.... DH tells me to think of the circus which is apparently how he gets hislef to sleep

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    Sorry this is happening - this is what I do...

    I have a warm shower with lavender oil, then jump straight into bed with a meditation CD (you can buy them at the Natural Fertility Clinic in Wollahra NSW) and put a cold washer on my head...

    for me it is about routine and I know that this works for me... I am normally asleep half way through the CD (say 10 mins). Normally I take 2 hours to get to sleep... even when not pg

    good luck.

    oh, also, I have to eat before bed, a banana or some yougurt and muslie - being hungry sucks...

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    Kristobell Guest


    I'm going through the same thing and was wondering if it was because when I get to bed, I start to think about everything . . . all the excitement and nerves and worrying taking over me . . could also be hormones . . . I'm hoping it will pass soon!! :lovebb:

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    I suffered really bad insomnia when I was pregnant with Jonah and my doctor suggested valerian, it's a natural herb you can buy it in tablet form or liquid, but of course I bought the bloody stuff and what do you know I started sleeping wonderfully. I've still got it if you want to try it, it's either unopened or I only used a few tablets, but you're welcome to it, let me know and I will be happy to sent it on to you

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