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    Default advice needed fast

    Ok so I've read a million times that bleeding in preg can be ok but in my previous pregnancies this never happened.

    I just went to the toilet and there was a small amount of brown blood when I wiped.

    I didalot more exercise than normal today (almost 2 hours walking) and have been having some minor cramps which I put down to those that you can normally have in early preg.

    I have a Dr appt in the morning but I'm so worried... like I said I've never gone through this and I haven't even gotten to tell my fiance yet.

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    Just to add I've had the cramps for a few days and I had them in previous pregnancies also

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    Perhaps go up to the hospital?

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    :hugs: Can't offer any advice, but just try and take it easy - like you said, you've read that there can be many reasons for it and that it can be ok - the more you worry yourself the more harm you'll probably cause! Can you get to the doctors for a check up tonight? If you can, maybe that's best, it'll put your mind at ease if you're ok and if not you'll get the help and advice while you're there, so to speak.
    :hugs: for you.

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    the cramps aren't bad, more like a faint ache... do you think they'd just turn me away??

    I can't get into my Dr until 10:20am tomorrow.

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    Take it easy tonight and see the doc in the morning.

    Fingers crossed all is well!

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    Thanks to all... I'm trying so hard to not worry.

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    I agree with Lulu.. take it easy, rest up, don't lift anything too heavy, don't get stressed out, and see the doc in the morning. If the bleeding gets heavier or cramps get more painful, followed by heavier flow, then go to the hospital. Take care!!!

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    hun i had this at around 6 weeks and again at 12 weeks and it was nothing at all. Take it easy and talk to your Dr tomorrow and see what he recommends. If it was brown blood that usually means it is old blood my Dr told me not to stress unless it was alot or if it was bright red.

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    Thankyou... It was about a 5 cent piece size of brown so reading further I feel mildy better .. am just trying to not stress and resting.

    Thanks for the fast responses.

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    I get cramping when I've done a bit too much walking, have a good rest and you'll be alright. And I got cramps around the times I would have had my first two periods.

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    I had the same bleeding at 6wks & the slight cramps too !!

    Doc :doctor: didn't seem worried as it's pretty much the norm to them, he said to take it easy, .. No lifting, etc...

    I tell you what I did -I put myself into bed & that's where I stayed for the entire day & night. Gee, I wasn't risking anything.

    ... More importantly try NOT TO STRESS, that's the BEST thing you can do for you & bub !!

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    :hugs: I had bleeding at 9 weeks. My doctor told me to go to lay down and rest. I did that everything was fine. I would say lay down in bed or on the lounge and rest. Best of luck tomorrow.

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    fingers crossed that all is well.
    good luck for tomorrow, I hope you and bub will be fine.
    please let us know.
    thinking of you and sending lots of sticky vibes.

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    I had brown blood at about 9 weeks with my last pregnancy over about 3 days, and then it went away. Even though it can be quite common it is very understandable that you are worried.
    Hope to hear everything is ok - thinking of you.

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