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Thread: AF but rising bbt? Can it be pg?

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    Default AF but rising bbt? Can it be pg?

    Hi Ladies - TMI warning too,

    I am in an unusual situation for me, and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this?

    I took 25mg clomid days 4-8 and felt pg the week post O. Have had a chem pg before and it followed exactly the same path.

    AF was almost 3 days late and my temps were odd to say the least. Have been on 2 lots of clomid before this and I was never late, even with the chem pg.

    2 days at 36.6 ish which is typical for late in cycle
    36.82 was a little high next day
    36.41 was typical pre-AF temp
    36.25 was CD1 temp (bfn am) and AF started lightly 4pm
    36.35 yesterday with full AF bleeding but none of the usual symptoms ie cramping backache which I always always get.
    This mornings temp is 36.55 which is my post O temp level and I am still bleeding well - lots of thin red blood but I get strange pains which are not cramps at all and they sit about my bellybutton level horizontally?

    So can this be pregnancy I guess is the question? I have been temping for over 12 mths and never experienced a temp that high during AF which is why I am so confused really.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of scenario?
    And sorry about the rambling too

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    I am sorry I cant answer your question, but I am soooo hoping that it is pregnancy.... will keep everything crossed for you !!!!!

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