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    Mar 2005

    i've got another announcement story that had me a bit annoyed (i think i'm gonna have a lot of these considering i'm announcing to the world now).

    i've emailed a friend of mine a few times over the past couple weeks with the intention to tell her but she's getting married in january and is really excited about it.. so naturally, all she talks about is the wedding and has never really asked how i am in return. on the weekend she discovered through a mutual friend that i'm pregnant.. and when i got into work today.. there was an email from her demanding to know why i hadn't told her! i thought it was so silly and i could've said some pretty sarcastic things but i held back from doing so.. she sounded pretty peeved at me.

    it never fails to surprise me the different sides of people that come out in different situations.. and just when you think you know them too!

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    belmarks Guest

    Hi Dana, if it were me, I couldn't help myself, I would be so sarcastic to that friend of yours, and I'd be letting her know that you only had her best interests at heart by holding off tellling her, considering that she has heaps of other important stuff on her plate, and that you didn't want to steal the limelight from her at her most important time.

    What a cow, I am so sick of insensitive people!!

    Melody - you are right about your brother-in-law, how silly of him to hold this thing for so long, he needs to get over it!!

    Leah, thanks for the wishes, we aren't really worried about DH's parents, we are just ignoring them now, caller ID is a fantastic invention!!!

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    Mar 2005

    i told another friend (not the mutual one) about it and she said...

    i think you're being a bit over sensitive, maybe you should cut down on your hormones abit..
    like i can help it! no one seems to understand me (i didn't want to say "pregnant women" and just generalise everyone). this little incident on top of a whole bunch of other little things have really been getting me down lately. i burst into tears for no reason on tuesday on the way home from work and freaked DH out a bit..

    i think i need to read up a bit on prenatal depression and see if it's happening to me. i read another thread the other day about funny hormonal stories which had me laughing and crying at the same time! is it just me?

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    belmarks Guest

    Dana, no honey, its not just you, its called pregnancy, and if those insensitive so called friends of yours ever have babies, then they will find out and realise how insensitive they are being to you.

    It just amazes me that people, even some that have been through it (like my boss) just don't seem to be sensitive to a pregnant woman's emotions. Not that we are all flighty or anything, but there are times when things really get to you - more than if you weren't pregnant.

    Sounds to me like you need to get a new group of friends. How old are these girls, they sound like they are really young and have no concept....

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    siren Guest

    Hello all


    I am soooo sorry to hear about your families being unsuportive. BIG CONGRATS from me =D>

    When I told my so called "BEST FRIEND" that i was pregnant after 4 years TTC all she could say was "thats nice" and then she was worried that I wouldn't fit into my bridesmaids dress for her wedding. I just couldn't believe what she was saying to me. Needless to say I haven't bothered to call her since that little predicament she put me in. I was extremely upset and P***ed off! :evil: on a day that was full of excitement for me and my partner.

    Anyway I know how you feel to not get the support and excitement that you deserve on such a special occassion. I am thinking of you and I hope all goes well for you.

    Just remember try not to let them get to you. This is your baby and not theirs so make the most of being pregnant and be happy that you have a fantastic opportunity to become parents to a beautiful child.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I know how you feel. I'm 13 weeks pg and my mum hasn't said congrats at all. All she could do was be negative as I'm 35 and she thinks I'm crazy for having another baby at this age etc etc. It kind of hurt that she wasn't exactly happy for me especially as she knows I'd been trying for the past 15 months and had a miscarriage before that. But the main thing is my DH and I are very excited, my two other children are excited, we are so happy.

    It's ashame they are being so unsupportive of you and just can't be happy for you. Some people are just selfish. It's such a special time, of course you want people to congratulate you, especially family, it's so rude that they don't. I've had more friends congratulate me. Even one of my SIL's was so awful saying I could be having a false pregnancy... god, people can be so insensitive.

    By the way congratulations from me, this is such a joyous time and so exciting!

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Your daughters are so cute Lee-Ann. They must be over the moon. My little almost 7 year old is beside herself, so I can imagine 2 girls together, they will be wonderful helpers and big sisters!!