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    Hi Everyone,

    I am in my second trimester and I have a question about antenatal classes.

    I am having my baby at a private hospital and the class covering labour and birth is very generic and offers nothing about breathing and relaxation techniques during labour. This is the main thing I wanted to get out of any classes, so that I can manage better during labour, particularly in those early stages of labour at home.

    Apart from attending classes for Hypnobirthing ($$$$) or reading a variety of books, does anyone know of any good classes covering labour and learning different breathing/relaxation techniques?

    Those of you who did learn breathing/relaxation techniques - how helpful was it?


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    The pink kit has been highly recommended, it's a course you do yourself at home and it covers so many things. If I had been in the financial position to do so, I would have bought it for me and my partner who will be experiencing labour for the first time. I've heard heaps of good stuff about it.

    There is a link on here with their website, I think BB is even affilated with them now. I can't find it right now....and not sure if I can post the link directly to their website.

    Someone else have it maybe?

    ETA: Aha! Here is a thread about it with the link

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    You might be able to find a midwife who will do private classes for you in your home or a small group.

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    My hospital offered a Physiotherapy class and she went through breathing techniques and positions for when in labour. Maybe call the hospital and see if they can recommend someone.

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    I was going to suggest the pink kit too. You can then do it in your own time & home.

    The antenatal classes I did were hopeless. The group was HUGE so no one got to know each other, and it was just very boring. There were SO many things that just never even got covered.

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    try talking to the midwives who do the antenatal classes - they might be leaving it for later, or they might not realise that people want it covered. personally everything they taught at our antenatal classes last time i was pregnant, went straight out the window once actual labour happened.

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